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Rare Evo: A Multichain Event

Rare Evo: A Multichain Event

Web3 Comes to Life in the Rockies. Get your tickets with our discount code ADAFEED10 to make sure your there for a special event.

    08/24/202308/24/2023 - 08/26/2023Denver, Colorado

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Rare Evo is a blockchain convention welcoming multi-chain projects, communities, industry leaders, investors, and enthusiasts to network, educate, and celebrate around the theme of interoperability and the convergence of traditional industry with Web3 technology. Our audience and programming cover all verticles of the space alongside an inclusive blockchain agnostic approach. The event offers a variety of networking opportunities and entertainment options daily and nightly through the course of a long weekend.

 At Rare Evo, You'll Experience:
✓ Traditional Industry & Web3 Leadership Presence
✓ Valuable Networking Opportunities
✓ Celebrity Encounters
✓ Educational Keynotes & Panels
✓ Web3 Gaming Tournaments & Demos
✓ NFT Galleries
✓ Live Music & Art
✓ Community Building
✓ Evening After Parties
✓ Full Resort Experience (Lazy Rivers Included)

Who Should Attend:
✓ C-Suite (CEOs, CMOs, CTOs)
✓ Web3 Project Teams
✓ Gamers
✓ Crypto Investors
✓ VCs
✓ Community Managers
✓ Developers
✓ Creatives
✓ Tech Professionals


Rare Evo: A Multichain Event@ rareevo
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