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CryptoDino: A Play & Earn Web3 Game on Cardano Blockchain

The CryptoDinos project embarked on its remarkable journey back in 2021. Through the ups and downs of the crypto bear market, they persevered, diligently crafting their vision.

CryptoDino: A Play & Earn Web3 Game on Cardano Blockchain

The CryptoDinos project embarked on its remarkable journey back in 2021. Through the ups and downs of the crypto bear market, they persevered, diligently crafting their vision. Finally, on September 1st, 2023, their vision became a reality as they unveiled their Play & Earn game on the Cardano blockchain. In the lead-up to this grand launch, community members played a pivotal role by actively testing the beta version, ensuring a seamless and glitch-free introduction. Behind the scenes, the dedicated CryptoDino team tirelessly worked on this project for over two years, pouring their passion and expertise into every detail. Now, in this browser-based idle strategy game, players have the exciting opportunity to utilize any of the CryptoDino collections’ NFTs as in-game assets.

Getting Started

To step into the CryptoDino universe, players must first connect their wallet and Discord account, followed by wallet verification through a digital signature. Once this initial setup is complete, the game scans the user’s wallet for CryptoDino NFTs, which serve as the keys to unlock the game’s captivating world.

CryptoDino offers players the unique opportunity to play and earn. The heart of the game revolves around the strategic management of CryptoDino and Dino Savior NFTs. These assets empower players to gather resources and upgrade their CryptoDino settlement.

Game Plot

The CryptoDinos have been rescued by the DinoSaviors from a world-ending catastrophe. Volcanoes were erupting, and the entire planet was being covered with ash and dust. Together, the DinoSaviors and CryptoDinos find themselves in a mysterious new world, as detailed in the project’s storyline on their website. In this captivating setting, players collaborate with CryptoDinos to gather resources and develop the Main Hub to help the CryptoDinos survive in their new world.

Main Hub and Settlement Sections

The Main Hub serves as the central starting point for players. From here, adventurers can explore various settlement sections, each with its unique function. As players progress through the game, these sections unlock, providing new opportunities for growth and strategic gameplay.

Within the different settlement sections like House, Kitchen, Clinic, Storage, and the Hatchery, players have the option to assign NFTs as managers. These managers offer in-game benefits, such as faster resting times in the house section of the settlement, allowing NFT-based characters to recover energy more swiftly for additional quests and adventures.

One of the standout features of CryptoDino is its innovative breeding mechanic. In the Hatchery section, players can breed their CryptoDinos, either with another CryptoDino or by utilizing DinoSavior’s “In-Vitro” technology. Breeding results in the creation of new NFT tokens that players can choose to sell on the open market or keep for further use within the CryptoDino game.

Expeditions and Missions

Beyond the Main Hub and settlement management, players can embark on a variety of timed missions known as Expeditions. These missions provide a variety of rewards, including resources, dino tokens, and experience points (XP) for your Dino NFTs. Accumulated XP can be used to level up your characters, enhancing their abilities and making them more formidable explorers. Users have the option to complete side quests or advance through the main story line of the game. Missions have multiple difficulty and risk levels, leaving users to develop a strategy around risk and reward. If an expedition is more risky, there is a higher chance that a user’s CryptoDino will fail to successfully complete the mission.

XP System

The NFT experience level affects the amount of risk in expeditions as well as the expedition reward pool. During the game, each action performed is associated with a certain amount of CryptoDino/ DinoSavior experience points (XP). To level up, the player must earn the appropriate amount of XP to get to the next level. The CryptoDino / DinoSavior level is displayed on the interface along with a progress bar to the next level. With each new level, the amount of XP needed increases, so the higher the level, the harder it is to get the next one.


In closing, the CryptoDino project, which embarked on its journey in 2021, has successfully realized its vision with the recent launch of a Play & Earn game on the Cardano blockchain. This achievement owes much to the strong community backing, tireless team efforts, and an immersive gaming experience. We had the opportunity to personally explore this immersive world by purchasing an NFT to try out the game, and we found it to be a fun, immersive, and bug-free experience.

Players are transported into a world where CryptoDinos and Dino Saviors collaborate to survive and flourish. The game seamlessly combines strategy, resource management, and storytelling, allowing players to unravel the mysteries of this intriguing universe.

You can find out more about the CryptoDino game at the following link: https://www.cryptodino.io/

The projects whitepaper can be found here.


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