Crypto Capital Venture Founder Says ADA Will Explode Again

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  • Dan Gambardello, Crypto Capital Venture Founder says ADA will explode again.
  • He says ADA holders will “greatly enjoy” the coin again.
  • However, he emphasized that this is just his opinion.

Crypto Capital Venture Founder, Dan Gambardello, took to Twitter to say that Cardano (ADA) will explode again. The Twitter crypto community supported his statement and expressed their high hopes for the coin as well.

Cardano will explode out of no where, again. Patient $ADA holders will greatly enjoy it, again.

No guarantees of course. This is just my opinion.

— Dan Gambardello (@cryptorecruitr) October 14, 2021

To note, Crypto Capital Venture is a recruiting firm for start-ups. According to its founder, it helps crypto startup companies grow exponentially. Moreover, Gambardello mentioned that because of the success of his YouTube Channel and Cardano stakepools, together with their delegators, the success of CCV leveraged all this into one mission: To Love and Serve.

As a fan of Cardano (ADA) himself, his tweet gained a lot of attention. In fact, it garnered around 2,100 likes, 166 retweets, and lots of comments and opinions from other ADA enthusiasts. One user, @MonicaJo_crypto, says that “ADA always does that — moves slowly but strongly”. Another one also commented, @NikhileshSC, “Now #ADA is Timebomb. Just wait and watch it explode”. Suffice to say, many believe in what he said and are waiting for ADA to truly blow up again.

In detail, Cardano (ADA) is indeed solidifying its position in the market these days. Even investors are now moving to Cardano and Solana, according to reports. Also, Ardana, an on-chain asset-based stablecoin protocol on Cardano shared its public sale recently as well.

What’s more, Cardano also revealed that Cardano Foundation partnered with Rival to develop its NFT marketplaces. Indeed, Cardano is growing fast and the public just needs to wait and see when it will explode.

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