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CoinEx Will List MIN (Minswap) on Dec 8, 2023

To provide you with more trading options, after rigorous reviews, CoinEx will list MIN (Minswap) on Dec 8, 2023 (UTC). The details are as follows.

CoinEx Will List MIN (Minswap) on Dec 8, 2023

To provide you with more trading options, after rigorous reviews, CoinEx will list MIN (Minswap) on Dec 8, 2023 (UTC). The details are as follows.

List Time

1. Deposit: 03:00 on Dec 8, 2023 (UTC)
2. Withdrawal: 03:00 on Dec 8, 2023 (UTC)
3. Trading pair: MIN/USDT
4. Opening method: Call Auction
    a. Call Auction
        03:00-06:50 Dec 8, 2023 (UTC)
        Orders can be placed and canceled
        06:50-07:00 Dec 8, 2023 (UTC)
        Orders can be placed but cannot be canceled   
    b. Trading
        07:00 Dec 8, 2023 (UTC)

About MIN

Minswap is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) in Cardano chain.

The purpose of a Minswap is to enable permissionless trading of token pairs. For each swap, a fee is taken, which goes to the Liquidity Providers (LPs). Anyone can provide Liquidity as well, hence profits are decentralized.

Minswap is a community-centric DEX, in that $MIN tokens are fairly distributed, without any private or VC investment. Minswap has pioneered several ideas in the Cardano ecosystem such as the FISO model (touted as the fairest ISO model in the Cardano community) or a focus on Protocol Owned Liquidity.

- Community First: MIN tokens are distributed fairly to protocol participants and Liquidity Providers, who can participate in governance and vote democratically on protocol changes.
-Innovation-Driven: Minswap pioneered ideas such as the FISO model, the MINt token, or the Liquidity Bootstrapping Event and plan to continue doing so with further novel initiatives.
- Launchpool: Minswap is permissionless, meaning anybody can list tokens without needing KYC.
- Stake Pool Operators Support: Minswap supported SPOs through the FISO and plans to continue doing so with a community-oriented ADA delegation policy, incentivizing SPOs in batching solution Laminar, and by enabling automatic native token fees conversion (Babel Fees).

Learn more about MIN >>

About Automated Market Making (AMM)

AMM is supported for the MIN/USDT market. CoinEx AMM allows every user to become a market maker. By adding liquidity to the liquidity pool, users can share 50% of the trading fees earned in this market. The fee dividends are calculated daily. Learn about AMM >>

Risk Reminder
Crypto products are innovative investment products with large price fluctuations as well as high investment risks. Therefore, please evaluate and invest wisely based on your risk tolerance and financial resources.

CoinEx reserves the final interpretation of this announcement.

CoinEx Team
Dec 7, 2023


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