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Cerra.io partners up with Wingriders Launchpad for their Token Launch!

With almost a year of working behind the scenes, building the product and coming close to the Public Testnet release — the time has come for our token to enter the market!

Cerra.io partners up with Wingriders Launchpad for their Token Launch!

Wingriders is a groundbreaking launchpad which merges equitable price determination with a token sale and the initial bootstrapping of a liquidity pool. These capabilities are further amplified by the dual yield farming incentives, enhancing the utility of the CERRA token. All of these functionalities are integrated into a single decentralized and non-custodial solution.

As per our agreement with Wingriders Launchpad, Cerra.io will be allocating 100 million tokens to the early adopters and additional 26 million tokens to be bootstrapped into the Liquidity Pool.

Link to the Launchpad: CERRA Token Launch
CERRA Token Launch & Price Discovery Start: 12 Oct, 2023, 12:00 UTC
CERRA Token Launch & Price Discovery Close: 16 Oct, 2023, 12:00 UTC
Claim CERRA Tokens: Post-launchpad closure, via Wingriders Launchpad

During the ongoing price discovery phase, participants can add or remove ADA. Once the launchpad concludes its active phase, the final launchpad price becomes established. Thereafter, the ADA deposits will convert to corresponding CERRA tokens, which will be claimable in full through the same launchpad portal (no cliff or vesting schedule).

Make sure to read all about Wingriders Launchpad in their Start Guide

About Cerra.io

Platform Preview

Cerra.io is strategically entering the realm of cryptocurrency derivatives and peer-to-peer lending within the Cardano network. The recent endorsements and implementations of Wrapped Bitcoin via anetaBTC and bridged assets like BTC / ETH / USDT / USDC through Wanchain are poised to inject fresh capital into our ecosystem. The utilization of the eUTXO model for transactions, which facilitates swift transfers to multiple recipients within a single transaction, coupled with a cost-effective fee structure, presents an exceptionally alluring proposition for both cryptocurrency investors and decentralized application users.

Consequently, Cerra.io team has been diligently tracking market developments while quietly developing a novel platform designed to facilitate non-custodial trading of crypto derivatives.

Alongside this derivatives trading functionality, Cerra.io is introducing a peer-to-peer lending protocol that empowers users to leverage or hedge their cryptocurrency holdings. Although this concept has been prevalent in other blockchain networks, including Cardano itself, integrating this tool into our trading platform to cultivate a self-sustaining ecosystem is the overarching objective that Cerra.io is committed to achieving.

About Wingriders and the Wingriders Launchpad

WingRiders is an innovative Cardano AMM DEX, combining Curve Finance and Uniswap V2 features. It introduces the WingRiders Launchpad, aimed to provide a comprehensive solution for projects, offering token minting, sales, price discovery, liquidity creation, and fund management.

The main features of the fully automated, self servicing Wingriders Launchpad are:

✅ Non-custodial and secure operation
✅ Smart contract-based functionality
✅ Decentralized and permissionless access
✅ Antiscam measures and fully audited
✅ Compliance options tailored to jurisdiction
✅ Support for Cardano’s growth and DEX treasury.

Initial launches receive advisory backing from WingRiders, empowering projects and their communities. While this solution brings empowerment, it’s essential to acknowledge inherent risks. For more insights about the Launchpad, please visit WingRiders’ official social media.

Token Event Schedule

Link to the Launchpad: CERRA Token Launch
CERRA Token Launch & Price Discovery Start: 12 Oct, 2023, 12:00 UTC
CERRA Token Launch & Price Discovery Close: 16 Oct, 2023, 12:00 UTC
Claim CERRA Tokens: Post-launchpad closure, via Wingriders Launchpad
Liquidity Pool Creation*: An automated event after a sucessfull Launch conclusion
Claim CERRA Tokens: Post-launchpad closure, via Wingriders Launchpad (no vesting)

*Note: The initial ADA-CERRA price within the liquidity pool will be higher than the closing price of the Launchpad. This is because the protocol will add more ADA after the launchpad closes. This subsequent addition of ADA will raise the ADA-CERRA price above the launchpad closing price as soon as the liquidity pool is created.

Launchpad Parameters

  • CERRA Tokens for Participants: 100,000,000 (20% of Total Supply)
  • CERRA Tokens for Liquidity Pool: 26,000,000 (5.2% of Total Supply)
  • Minimum ADA to be raised: 1,000,000
  • Maximum ADA to be raised: 17,000,000
  • Raised ADA going to the Liquidity Pool: 30%

If the minimum ADA amount specified earlier is not pledged before the launch concludes, it will result in an automatic cancellation of the launch a return of all funds to participants. This cancellation would signify a lack of trust and confidence from the community in the project its product and roadmap. The logic of this figure is that it represents the minimal financial
support necessary for the team to sustain ongoing works on the project to reach the product minimal specification and a reasonable minimal roadmap.

Why such a huge difference between Min / Max raise?

Until now, the team has been relying on their personal finances to finance the platform’s development. Despite the core members continuing to maintain their regular jobs, they successfully brought the platform to the public Testnet phase independently.

Scenario Minimum:

This enables the core developers to transition into full-time roles at Cerra.io. As previously mentioned, 30% of these resources will be directed toward bolstering our liquidity pool on Wingriders DEX. Additionally, it provides the means to offer incentives for marketing efforts aimed at expanding our community, conducting an independent third-party audit, and persistently advancing our platform, all while anticipating bull market conditions.

Scenario Maximum:

Analyzing past data from comparable platforms like DEXes and Lending Protocols, it becomes evident that the initial provision of liquidity plays a pivotal role in determining the platform’s usability, appeal, and overall popularity. Assets such as iBTC, iETH, iUSD, ADA, which enjoy substantial popularity, lack dedicated teams to contribute liquidity to our pools. This necessitates Cerra.io to acquire these assets itself, which will require a substantial allocation of resources. Furthermore, expanding our team with new members will accelerate the development process, foster community growth, promote platform adoption, and support research and 3rd party audit initiatives.

$CERRA Token Utility

Staking, stake your $CERRA tokens, to get more of $CERRA tokens
Holding a certain amount of tokens will reduce derivatives trading fees, lending order creation fees.
DAO voting, allocate your $CERRA tokens and contribute to our platforms life.
Governance: propose or vote on certain platform features, upgrades, resource allocation and more.
Farming: Once derivatives pools are introduced, you’ll be able to farm your liquidity tokens for additional rewards, like $CERRA tokens, or tokens from other projects.

$CERRA Tokenomics

Total Supply: 500,000,000 CERRA Tokens
Policy ID: Cardanoscan


Vesting Schedule:

What is Cerra.io?

Cerra.io is a small ecosystem on its own!

  1. Decentralized Crypto Derivatives (Options): Trading — Decentralized trading platforms facilitate the trading of financial tools referred to as decentralized crypto derivatives. These derivatives derive their value from underlying assets, specifically cryptocurrencies. Taking part in trading or owning decentralized crypto derivatives allows you to interact with the asset’s movements without the need to directly possess it. Traditional functions like Long, Short and Spot Swap will be available
  2. Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Lending (Peer-to-Pool in Phase2): One of the foremost advantages that Decentralized Finance (DeFi) brings to the realm of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending and borrowing lies in its trustless essence. By leveraging blockchain technology, DeFi obviates the necessity for third-party mediators, thereby facilitating direct interactions between users sans reliance on a centralized governing body. This trustless framework engenders heightened transaction security, privacy, and cost efficiency.
  3. Whale Copy-Trading: In the world of cryptocurrency trading, there are always standout individuals who consistently challenge the limits of the market and achieve significant profits. You can join as a trader, share your market insights and analyses, earn rewards, and receive a percentage of the gains made by your followers. For those who are less experienced in trading, we offer the opportunity to follow industry leaders and their trading strategies, allowing you to track and follow the most suitable experts in the field.

Disclaimer: Cerra.io and the Wingriders Launchpad

Cerra.io wishes to clarify that it does not provide any warranties or guarantees in relation to the use of the Wingriders Launchpad. The Wingriders Launchpad, developed by a separate entity, offers a platform for launching tokens and facilitating transactions.

It is important to note that Cerra.io operates independently from the Wingriders Launchpad. While Cerra.io utilizes the Wingriders Launchpad for launching its token, the platform itself is Self-servicing automated smart contract based decentralized platform, which is used by Cerra.io But Cerra.io does not operate or handle the launch this is done in an automated fashion.

Individuals utilizing the Wingriders Launchpad for token purchases or any other activities are required to carefully review and agree to the Terms and Conditions provided by the Launchpad. Cerra.io does not have any control over, or responsibility for, the Wingriders Launchpad’s operations, terms, or any actions executed by the automated smart contract platform. This includes the Launchpad’s policy to block IP addresses from Canada, United States.

Please be advised that any engagement with the Wingriders Launchpad is subject to its own terms, policies, and practices. Cerra.io strongly encourages users to thoroughly understand and accept the terms and disclaimers stipulated by the Launchpad before utilizing this platform for any purpose.

The features of this automated, decentralized, self/servicing Launchpad bring as a contrast to empowerment their negative side as well. There are no safety nets. Once the launch ends the token moves are final. Reimbursements or support is not available! You act on your own as a part of the community but bare all risks individually! Do a thorough own research and always participate with tokens you are willing to simply lose. It is an emerging technology and industry the risks are very high and in the majority of cases consequences are permanent.

By proceeding to use the Wingriders Launchpad, individuals acknowledge that Cerra.io is not liable for any issues, losses, or disputes arising from the use of the Launchpad.


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