Cardano’s Founder believes XRP is not a security

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Cardano's Founder believes XRP is not a securityNeha Kumar | Bitcoin World

Charles Hoskinson, Cardano founder, believes that XRP is not a security in its truest potential. Hoskinson thinks that with the way XRP is being utilized today, it is decentralized enough in its prevailing state. In a series of ask-me-anything (AMA) videos, Charles state that XRP is not a security, although its status may have been distinctive in its early days. Hoskinson’s remarks emerge as Ripple has been charged with a heavy lawsuit by the U.S. SEC for $1.3 billion in respect to unregistered securities sale of XRP tokens. The Securities Commission believes that XRP should be classified as security. Therefore, the lawsuit claims that Ripple violated the federal securities laws.

Charles Hoskinson’s view on XRP lawsuit by U.S. SEC

Although Hoskinson sides XRP as a virtual currency than security, he attempts to adopt the SEC’s observations. He elucidates on what probably provoked U.S. SEC. He states that Ripple’s two main executives Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen, personally gained from XRP sales may have bothered the SEC. Further, the idea that the tokens depend on a company’s distribution schedule has been questioned. This has helped to cover Ripple and how XRP is handled in a critical light. 

Hoskinson said that XRP had more security-like features back in 2012-2014. Thus, the SEC would utilize this as a significant debate to pursue Ripple. Nevertheless, Cardano’s creator believes that cryptocurrencies are ever-changing in nature. Hoskinson associates tokens to stem cells. He says that cells can transform into something else during their lifetime, like a brain cell or a heart cell. Thus, ultimately altering its essential nature in the process.

Moreover, Hoskinson states that if Ripple wins the litigation, this will pave the way for other cryptocurrencies. Therefore, making it harder to blanket-call cryptocurrency security. However, Hoskinson does not think that the lawsuit against Ripple will lead to the SEC examining every crypto ecosystem individually. Moreover, he believes that what may be debated is whether cryptocurrency is considered a security under a proof-of-stake protocol. However, there are several unresolved questions in the crypto realm.

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