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Cardano Partners with Multi-Billion Dollar Firm Employing 27,000 in 25 Countries and works with Electronic Arts and Google

Blockchain and gaming giant Globant has partnered with Paima Engine in order to make an entry into Web3. The Paima Engine is a Cardano Layer-2 sidechain that offers a safe and secure way to enter Web3 using any programming language.

Cardano Partners with Multi-Billion Dollar Firm Employing 27,000 in 25 Countries and works with Electronic Arts and Google

In a major development earlier this week on Thursday, April 6, Cardano’s Layer-2 network and sidechain Paima Studios onboarded the billion-dollar company Globant which has a presence in more than 25 countries worldwide.

With this latest development, Globant becomes a Paima Engine Professional. As a result, the company will now focus on adopting Web3 solutions with the usage of the Paima Engine. Built using the novel Web3 technology, the Paima ecosystem provides an easy entry into Web3.

Being a Paima Engine professional, Globant shall now receive direct support from the Paima Studios which includes technical support, educational materials, and lead generation. Besides, Globant also becomes a recommended partner of the Paima Ecosystem for anyone looking to join and build in the Paima ecosystem.

Ailin Gonzalez, Managing Director — of Blockchain Studio at Globant, said that this partnership with Paima would help them offer unique solutions in their existing gaming and Web3 value proposition. Besides, it would also help them unlock new business opportunities in the market. He added:

We are confident that providing solutions on top of Paima Engine is a wise choice. With our team’s expertise and Paima Engine’s capabilities, we can develop innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. Our ability to design product features, create tailored experiences for users, and deliver value with a rapid time to market is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

We are confident that our partnership with Paima Studios will enable us to provide unparalleled solutions, enhance our current Gaming and Web3 value proposition and create new business opportunities. We are excited to work with clients and partners to transform their businesses and achieve their goals.

More About Paima Engine Professionals and Paima Studios

The Paima Engine Professionals is basically a group in the Paima Ecosystem that recognizes entities that can leverage the power of Paima Engine catering to the growth and adoption of Web3.

As said, they have direct support from Paima Studios, especially in the form of technical support, educational material, as well as lead generation. Founded last year in April 2022, Paima Studios are the core developers of the Web3 Paima Engine built using the novel Layer 2 technology.          No spam, no lies, only insights. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Paima Engine provides its users with a safe and secure way to enter Web3 and can be used with any programming language. The good thing about Paima Engine is that it doesn’t expose users and developers to other common Web 3 hacks and risks. Earlier this year in January, Paima Studios launched “Jungle Wars: NFT Rumble”, the first game built over Paima Engine.

On the other hand, Globant is a digitally native company that offers end-to-end solutions from gaming to blockchain. In the past, Globant has worked for companies like Google, Electronic Arts, Santander, and others.


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