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Cardano Partner Chain Launches Public DevNet

This week marks the public developer net launch of Midnight, the first Cardano Partner Chain.

Cardano Partner Chain Launches Public DevNet

This week marks the public developer net launch of Midnight, the first Cardano Partner Chain. Unveiling a new era for blockchain privacy and security, Midnight is poised to attract developers and enterprises aiming to create applications with enhanced privacy features and regulatory compliance. This article delves into Midnight, its recent public DevNet launch, and more.

Public DevNet Launch

The Midnight DevNet, initially launched for a select group of developers, has now been expanded and made publicly available as of February 26, 2024. This represents a major leap forward for developers eager to create applications with regulatory compliant data protection features.

Serving as a sandbox environment, the Midnight DevNet allows developers to create data protection-focused decentralized applications (DApps), explore shielded swaps, and write smart contracts, all the while ensuring that real users and assets remain unaffected. This platform provides an optimal setting for refining applications and integrating innovative data protection technologies.

A distinctive feature of the Midnight platform is its utilization of TypeScript, a programming language renowned for its simplicity and widespread use among developers. This adoption streamlines the development process and renders the advanced zero-knowledge (ZK) technology more accessible to a broader spectrum of DApp developers.

The DevNet aims to support developers interested in advancing privacy on the Midnight platform by offering a venue to test their innovations, receive feedback, and help build a safer, privacy-centric blockchain ecosystem

What is Midnight?

Midnight is a Layer 1 blockchain focusing on enterprise adoption, utilizing zero-knowledge proofs to enable regulatory compliant optional privacy features. Developed by Input Output Global (IOG), it acts as a Cardano Partner Chain and utilizes Cardano as a settlement layer.

The platform aims to balance transparency with data protection, catering to the needs of businesses and individuals requiring confidentiality for sensitive information. Midnight allows developers to tailor the privacy levels of their decentralized applications (DApps), ensuring compliance with regulations while maintaining the option for transparency.

Leveraging ZK-SNARKs, Midnight enables verifiable transactions without revealing personal data, fostering a secure environment for users. This approach supports a variety of applications, from confidential voting systems to private financial transactions, enhancing user trust and adoption.

By combining the advantages of public and private blockchains, Midnight offers a scalable, secure, and user-friendly platform for privacy-focused DApp development and deployment, aligning with the broader adoption goals of the blockchain community.

How Will Midnight Benefit Cardano?

Midnight extends the Cardano ecosystem by introducing advanced privacy and data protection layers. This collaboration is anticipated to boost Cardano’s attractiveness to developers and users who prioritize sophisticated privacy features while maintaining security and compliance. The integration of Midnight’s privacy-focused technologies, combined with the upcoming release of Plutus V3, is poised to significantly enhance the variety and complexity of decentralized applications (DApps) within the Cardano network.

Plutus V3 introduces cross-chain compatible smart contracts and interoperability features, enabling seamless interactions between Cardano and Midnight. This synergy could attract a more extensive user base, promote commercial and institutional adoption, and cultivate a richer, more diverse blockchain landscape, leveraging the strengths of both platforms.

What’s Next For Midnight?

Following the public DevNet launch, Midnight is set to enter the next phase of its development — the public testnet. This stage will focus on improving network stability and finalizing many of the platform’s features. The feedback and experiences gathered from the DevNet will play a crucial role in shaping the future of Midnight, ensuring that it meets the needs and expectations of its growing community.


The launch of Midnight on the public DevNet represents a significant leap forward in the quest for privacy-centric blockchain solutions. By offering a secure and regulatory-compliant platform, Midnight stands poised to revolutionize how we think about privacy and data protection in the blockchain space. As it continues to evolve and integrate with the Cardano ecosystem, Midnight promises to bring about a new era of privacy-focused applications, contributing to a more secure, private, and efficient blockchain environment.

If you’re interested in developing on Midnight or learning more visit the following link: https://docs.midnight.network/


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