Cardano makes huge progress in Africa with promotional tour

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The Cardano team led by Charles Hoskinson has toured the African continent and held meetings with entrepreneurs and statesmen from the continent. This was a great success.

“Africa is where the going gets tough”

The team, which includes representatives from Cardano, Emurgo and IOG, has been on an educational and marketing tour. The journey started in South Africa and is expected to end in Egypt.

In a meeting with government officials in Cape Town, Cardano’s CEO emphasized the importance of governments embracing blockchain. He noted that Africa is poised to adopt blockchain technology faster than other countries. According to Hoskinson, the content can benefit from that. Hoskinson said:

“Why is our team in Africa? Well, Africa is a very special and interesting continent because it is going through a huge upgrade.”

The CEO went on to say that entrepreneurs in Africa are very progressive.

“If you’re an entrepreneur in Africa, you don’t take the easy road. You don’t do what has always been done, but you map out your own path.”

Innovation starts in Africa

The CEO went on to say that he believes that today’s multinationals are less and less concerned with the privacy of citizens. They increasingly invade privacy and are never accountable for their actions. He said:

“If your Microsoft credentials create a Google ID, an Apple ID, or a Facebook ID, it belongs to Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Apple. When you get a decentralized digital identity (DID), it’s yours. And you can take it anywhere. That is the power of the blockchain.”

Hoskinson has already visited more than four African countries. He has also met several senior government officials who signed a “memorandum of understanding” through which several startups funded by Cardano will expand their operations in the region. He recently met the presidents of Zanzibar and Burundi and the Ethiopian finance minister. More countries, including Kenya and Nigeria, are expected to join the list.

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