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Cardano Founding Entity Partners with Global Tech Giant

This week brings exciting developments for the Cardano ecosystem with Emurgo announcing a new partnership with Huawei Cloud to support Cardano nodes on Web3 cloud services.

Cardano Founding Entity Partners with Global Tech Giant

This week brings exciting developments for the Cardano ecosystem with Emurgo announcing a new partnership with Huawei Cloud to support Cardano nodes on Web3 cloud services. This collaboration marks the first step in a larger alliance with the global tech giant. This article delves into the specifics of the partnership between Emurgo and Huawei, exploring its potential impact and broader implications.

Partnership Announcement


On April 10th, Emurgo, a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain, announced their partnership with Huawei Cloud on Project X. As a strategic partner, EMURGO will establish a Cardano Validator Node on Huawei Cloud, integrating Huawei’s advanced cloud infrastructure into Cardano’s open-source public blockchain ecosystem. This initiative is aimed at driving growth and accelerating Web3 adoption in the Asia Pacific and Africa.

Huawei Cloud, the leading cloud service brand under the tech giant Huawei, ranks among the largest cloud computing companies globally. Through this partnership, Cardano developers will have the opportunity to utilize Huawei Cloud’s extensive network and computing resources to create innovative Web3 solutions within the Cardano blockchain. This collaboration will also enhance the scalability and interoperability of Cardano’s cloud services, and provide Cardano users access to Huawei’s Marketplace, a platform utilized by numerous top enterprises, thereby extending the reach of its Web3 capabilities.

Huawei Web3 Cloud Services

Huawei Cloud’s Web3 Node Engine Service (NES) is a blockchain node engine platform that greatly simplifies the management of blockchain networks, resources, and authentication. Developed by Huawei Cloud, NES provides developers with the tools to connect to mainstream blockchains such as Ethereum, TRON, Polygon, Arbitrum, Starknet, Optimism, and soon Cardano, which will be integrated through a partnership with Emurgo. NES offers a stable, efficient, and secure infrastructure that is essential for the deployment and management of Web3 services, facilitating both full nodes and staking nodes without the complexities typically associated with the underlying infrastructure. This service is particularly noted for its quick deployment, cost-effectiveness, and the use of advanced tools like predictive analytics and topology optimization engines to ensure high performance and reliability across a globally distributed network.

How Will This Benefit Cardano?

The integration of Cardano into Huawei Cloud’s Web3 Node Engine Service (NES) streamlines the deployment and management of nodes, significantly enhancing the Cardano ecosystem. This service lowers the technical and financial hurdles for individuals and stake pool operators, facilitating easier entry into the network. Simultaneously, it provides DApp developers with a quicker and more efficient setup process, allowing them to dedicate more time to improving their applications. This combined enhancement in accessibility and operational efficiency not only contributes to the growth of the Cardano network but also makes it more developer-friendly, attracting a wider range of participants to the ecosystem.

More about Emurgo

Emurgo is a founding entity of the Cardano blockchain and also serves as its commercial arm. It focuses on integrating and implementing Cardano blockchain solutions into real-world business applications, driving growth and adoption of the technology. Through its efforts, Emurgo aims to expand the reach and practical use of the Cardano ecosystem in various sectors globally.

You can find out more about Emurgo here: https://www.emurgo.io/

More about Huawei Cloud

Huawei Cloud is the cloud services division of Huawei Technologies, offering a comprehensive suite of cloud solutions and services for businesses and governments worldwide. It provides a range of products including computing, storage, databases, and artificial intelligence capabilities, aimed at helping organizations enhance their digital transformation and operational efficiency.

You can find out more about Huawei Cloud at the following link: https://www.huaweicloud.com/intl/en-us


The collaboration between Emurgo and Huawei Cloud signifies a major development for the Cardano ecosystem, poised to enhance how developers and stakeholders engage with blockchain technology. Utilizing Huawei’s advanced cloud infrastructure, this partnership not only seeks to improve the operational efficiency of Cardano but also to speed up the adoption and development of Web3 applications globally. It will be interesting to see how this partnership develops as Emurgo has stated this is the first step in their collaboration with Huawei Cloud.


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