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Cardano Founders Pet Starts Memecoin Summer on Cardano

On June 17th, 2024, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of the Cardano blockchain, announced on X that he has a pet pig named Nike. Charles’ pet quickly became popular within the community, and the X post went viral.

Cardano Founders Pet Starts Memecoin Summer on Cardano

On June 17th, 2024, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of the Cardano blockchain, announced on X that he has a pet pig named Nike. Charles’ pet quickly became popular within the community, and the X post went viral. As is tradition in crypto, it wasn’t long before a memecoin with the ticker $NIKE was created and launched on a Decentralized Exchange. This article will delve into Nike’s launch, the token’s performance, the power of community, and more

The Rise of Nike


On June 17th, 2024, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of the Cardano blockchain announced on X that he has a pet pig named Nike. Charles’ pet quickly became popular within the community and the X post went viral. The community quickly rallied around this image, resulting in the NIKE memecoin, which saw its market capitalization soar to nearly $1 million within 12 hours of its launch. A sizeable portion of the token supply was sniped by Melon, a prominent Cardano community member and founder of the DEX Aggregator DexHunter.

Later that day Melon, a prominent community member and founder of DexHunter, announced they sniped a large portion of the token supply and had created a liquidity pool on SundaeSwap V3. Melon asked the community for feedback on what should be done with the tokens and LP pool. This gave the community added confidence in the project. He stated the token was just purchased for fun however he quickly became the impromptu founder of the $NIKE community takeover movement. A few days after launch, Melon burned 100 million $NIKE live in an X space, reducing the supply to 900 million, this caused even more positive sentiment in the community as the dollar value of the burned tokens was over half a million US Dollars.


Not long after launching, $NIKE reached a $7 million valuation, prompting Charles Hoskinson to acknowledge the token and discuss it extensively in X posts, X spaces, and even a live discussion with David Gohkstein on June 20th. Hoskinson expressed amazement at the swift ascent of the NIKE memecoin, highlighting the surprising and dynamic nature of the crypto market. This event underscores the significant influence of community-driven initiatives and social media on the cryptocurrency landscape, illustrating how quickly a simple meme can evolve into a major financial phenomenon.


“He’s a good pig” — Charles Hoskinson

Nike Highlights the Power of Community

The launch of this token has brought the Cardano community together in the common cause of sending a meme of the founder’s pig higher and higher in marketcap. NIKE has gained the support of popular Cardano and cross-chain influencers including employees from Gohkstein Media, which caused even more hype behind the token. Notable supporters include EL, the Community Manager of RFLXT, LUA from the Ikigai team, Mopar, a prominent cross-chain influencer, Josh from Gohkstein Media, and iHold from the Clays After Dark team, who has been DJing and doing NIKE freestyles to keep the mood lively in community rooms. This meme has brought back positive sentiment on Cardano in a big way, onboarding countless memecoin and DeFi enthusiasts from other prominent blockchains such as Solana, Vechain, and Ethereum. The community’s collective effort is unmistakable, with many individuals contributing to the token’s success, showcasing the strength and unity within the Cardano ecosystem.

How Do Memes Benefit Cardano?

Memes play a pivotal role in the Cardano ecosystem by acting as powerful catalysts for growth and engagement. They attract retail investors and enthusiasts from other blockchain ecosystems, thereby amplifying the network effect and expanding our community. Memes provide a sense of unity and belonging, offering something to laugh about and making complex concepts more accessible. This increased attention brings Cardano into the spotlight within the broader crypto industry, which has often overlooked our ecosystem.

Memes serve as an entry point into the world of crypto, especially for retail investors. They won’t be drawn in by overly complicated DeFi products they can barely understand, but a meme is instantly relatable and easy to grasp. By providing an engaging and straightforward introduction to crypto, memes lower the barrier to entry and foster greater participation. This influx of new users contributes to the growth of the Cardano ecosystem, enhancing its visibility and reinforcing its position within the crypto space.

$NIKE Token Performance

Nike Chart page on TapTools

Since it’s launch, $NIKE is up over 76.46K%. At 0.0272 ₳ per NIKE, the token has a Market Cap of $15.32M and a Fully Diluted Market Cap of $15.32M, placing it at #10 in the top 50 tokens on Cardano. In terms of meme coins, $NIKE has the second highest market cap on Cardano as it surpassed Fren and Hosky last week, leaving only $SNEK with a higher market valuation.

NIKE Distribution Pro page on TapTools

The token has quickly gained over 3,000 holders and has a Median Holder Balance of 20.08K $NIKE equivalent to 445.65 ADA, and an Average Holder Age of 3.48 days.


The launch of the NIKE memecoin has demonstrated the remarkable power of community within the Cardano ecosystem. By harnessing the energy and enthusiasm of its supporters, the token has not only achieved impressive market performance but also revitalized interest and engagement in Cardano. Memes have proven to be an effective gateway for newcomers, simplifying entry into the crypto space and fostering a sense of belonging. It will be interesting to watch the $NIKE token in the coming weeks and months and see the impact it has on the Cardano ecosystem.

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