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Cardano finds support at $0.3100 Bitcoin in the green Tradecurve expecting another 50% price surge in June

The cryptocurrency sector has been experiencing various price movements recently, with notable developments in Cardano, Bitcoin, and Tradecurve.

Cardano finds support at $0.3100 Bitcoin in the green Tradecurve expecting another 50% price surge in June

The cryptocurrency sector has been experiencing various price movements recently, with notable developments in Cardano, Bitcoin, and Tradecurve. In this article, we will dive deeper into these cryptocurrencies' latest updates and price predictions. While these predictions are speculative, they can often be seen as an overall market feel.


  • Cardano consolidates on its support level 
  • Bitcoin shows green on the charts 
  • The Tradecurve presale to pump in June 


Cardano (ADA) consolidates after reaching the support level

One of the leading blockchain platforms known for its focus on security, scalability, and sustainability, Cardano has recently found support at the $0.3100 level. This support zone has attracted buying interest and helped stabilize the Cardano price.

Cardano is one of the worst-hit assets in this week's top 10 global cryptocurrency rankings, as it lost nearly 15.4% in that time. However, it now appears that Cardano has found a support level at $0.3100, and the price is hovering around that point. 

Cardano has a value of $0.3184 with a market cap of $11.1B, which is a drop of 2.61% in the last 24 hours. If Cardano drops below this support level, a fall to $0.28 may occur, but if bulls manage to retake control, Cardano could rise to $0.40 soon. 

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Bitcoin (BTC) trades in the green 

Bitcoin, the digital gold of the crypto market, has shown signs of strength and resilience. Bitcoin has been performing well, with positive price movements observed recently. The gradual recovery and sustained upward trend of Bitcoin is driven by factors such as the reappearance of bulls following the SEC-Binance lawsuit and the potential for Bitcoin to serve as a hedge against inflation.

In the last 14 days, Bitcoin saw an increase of 0.6%, and it has not let up. Bitcoin is trading hands at $26,649.29 with a market cap of $516B, jumping by 0.85% in the last day alone. 

With both its moving averages and technical indicators for Bitcoin showing strong buy signals, it is evident that bulls control the token, as most experts predict a rise to $27,000 by December 2023. 

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Tradecurve (TCRV) awaits a 50% pump 

As many investors are looking at Cardano and Bitcoin as good choices, those looking for tremendous long-term gains have been focusing on Tradecurve, a Stage 3 presale that many view as a star already. With a projected 50% price increase in June, those who purchased its native token, TCRV, at the beginning will make excellent returns on investment (ROI).

As decentralized finance gains traction,Tradecurve has the potential to revolutionize the online trading market by introducing an innovative hybrid trading platform that offers traders the ability to trade all derivatives on a single account. In addition, the Tradecurve platform will solve plenty of issues that prevent traders from entering this booming industry. 

Due to its decentralized nature, Tradecurve will eliminate high fees that eat into profit margins. It will accomplish this by eliminating all third-party mediators, which will dramatically lower trading fees while allowing users to control their assets and keys. 

Another significant difference between Tradecurve and traditional trading platforms such as Kraken or E-trade is that Tradecurve does not employ any sign-up KYC checks. This will be important since many individuals are becoming more privacy-conscious, and in an age when data breaches may occur - remaining anonymous is vital. Instead, Tradecurve users will utilize their cryptocurrency as collateral while trading, which only a handful of other platforms allow. 

Moreover, accessing advanced trading tools can be challenging due to regulations for worldwide traders. However, since it will be borderless, Tradecurve will permit users from all over the globe to subscribe to automated & AI trading bots. Automated and AI trading bots offer several advantages, including increased efficiency and the ability to capitalize on market opportunities 24/7. These bots can execute trades based on predefined rules and algorithms, eliminating the need for manual monitoring and execution.

Obtaining subscription fee discounts will be done by holding the TCRV native token, now worth just $0.015. Nevertheless, this price may not be available as experts predict a 50% rise for the token by the end of June when TCRV reaches $0.023. With a low market cap of $27M, TCRV's long-term growth potential is excellent, as experts predict a 100x rise after its launch and listing on Uniswap or a Tier-1 CEX. 

For more information about the Tradecurve presale:

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