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Cardano developer responses against FUDs

Cardano Creator Refutes "FUD" About Smart Contracts. Read this full report

Cardano developer responses against FUDs

Tim Harrison responded against FUDs and confirmed that Vasil Hardfork on mainnet will still be compatible with smart contracts. 

Cardano is an 8th-ranked crypto project, in terms of its native token global trade volume. At present, Cardano (ADA) is under huge traction among crypto traders because of the most important upgrade, Vasil Hardfork. The main aim of the Cardano project team is to bring crypto blockchain network technology as a priority choice at the commercial level. 

In recent days, FUDs started to increase in the crypto industry among crypto Investors ahead of Vasil Hardfork of Cardano. An example of a Fud can be seen in a tweet, attached below, where Fud claimed that Vasil Hardfork will make Cardano smart contract incompatible with the smart contracts. 

Cardano developer responses against FUDs 1

Tim Harrison, the vice president of community and ecosystem at Input Output Hong Kong global (IOHK), responded against the FUD and said that all the DApps work on current Plutus V1, and will be compatible with the upgraded network. 

Current DApps built using Plutus v1 will be compatible after the Vasil upgrade. And all will benefit from pipelining network upgrade. Developers wishing to take full advantage of Plutus v2 features after the upgrade, will need to use them in their DApps. Welcome to software, Thor pic.twitter.com/N2QgMNzwUq

— Tim Harrison (@timbharrison) July 6, 2022

Cardano aims to compete Solana protocol

Through Vasil Hardfork, Cardano’s developer team IOHK aimed to bring scalability in the Cardano network to around 1 million TPS. 

Vasil Hardfork will allow the IOHK developer to integrate Hydra protocol in the Cardano Blockchain, which will allow the Cardano networks to provide scalability. However it will be a long procedure, and probably Cardano will provide scalability near to Solana’s Proof-of-history protocol by the end of this year. In short, we can say that Cardano will change the whole game against its rival blockchain networks. 

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