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Cardano Constitutional Committee Elections 2024

As Cardano moves towards the Chang Hardfork and new governance structures come into play, the blockchain ecosystem is entering an exciting phase of transformation.

Cardano Constitutional Committee Elections 2024

As Cardano moves towards the Chang Hardfork and new governance structures come into play, the blockchain ecosystem is entering an exciting phase of transformation. Central to this shift is the Interim Constitutional Committee, a governance body designed to guide Cardano towards a fully decentralized model. With upcoming elections and new opportunities for community participation, this period promises to be pivotal for Cardano’s future. This article will delve into Cardano’s Interim Constitutional Committee, its upcoming elections, how to participate, and more.

What is the Interim Constitutional Committee?

The interim constitutional committee on Cardano is a temporary governance body established to guide the blockchain’s transition to a decentralized model. Members will serve a 73-epoch term, about one year, starting with the Chang upgrade. Their primary responsibility is to implement CIP 1694, introducing a governance framework involving Delegate Representatives (DReps) and Stake Pool Operators (SPOs). Initially, the committee includes seven members. Input Output Global, the Cardano Foundation, and EMURGO will occupy three seats due to their roles and expertise. Intersect will have one seat to ensure broader representation. The remaining three seats will be filled through elections, bringing diverse voices into the governance process. The interim committee is crucial for ratifying governance actions and maintaining Cardano’s integrity during this transition. By involving stakeholders and community members, it aims to establish a robust governance model reflecting Cardano’s values and needs. Currently, committee members will not receive compensation, but Intersect will cover essential expenses. Future discussions may lead to a proposal for member compensation.

Voting Timeline

The registration period for candidates was from May 28th to June 10th. On June 8th, a snapshot of ADA stakes was taken at the boundary of epoch 490. Voting will be open from June 13th to 23rd, utilizing the Summon platform. Finally, the results of the election will be announced on June 26th.

  • Registration Period: May 28th — June 10th (Registration has closed)
  • Ada Stake Snapshot: June 8th
  • Voting Period: June 13th — 23rd
  • Results Announcement: June 26th

Voting Process

The voting process for the interim constitutional committee on Cardano is structured to ensure broad community participation and a fair selection of candidates. Both applications to the interim constitutional committee (CC) and the voting are open to anyone from the Cardano community. Registered candidates are required to answer a short set of questions and provide a Delegated Representative (DRep) ID from SanchoNet to confirm their basic technical competency. Voting is stake-weighted based on the ADA stake snapshot taken at the boundary of epoch 490 on June 8th. This ensures that voting power is proportionate to the amount of ADA held by voters at the time of the snapshot. The voting process employs ranked choice voting, allowing voters to select their top three candidates plus three alternates. This method provides a comprehensive representation of voter preferences. After the voting period, which runs from June 13th to June 23rd, the results will be presented back to the Civics Committee to verify the outcome and ensure the accuracy and fairness of the process.

Candidate Considerations

Registered candidates must complete a brief questionnaire and provide a DRep ID from SanchoNet to verify their basic technical skills. These answers are available for users to review and assess here. According to the Intersect Election document, candidates for the interim constitutional committee are assessed on multiple crucial criteria to ensure they can effectively contribute to Cardano’s governance. They should possess a deep understanding of Cardano’s network, economy, security, and governance, as well as the inter-relationships between entities like Delegate Representatives (DReps) and Stake Pool Operators (SPOs). Competence in using the Cardano node, command line interface, and related tools is essential. A strong commitment to high security standards in managing cryptographic keys is vital. Valuable qualifications include experience in decision-making roles within blockchain or decentralized governance, alongside relevant professional experience or academic degrees in fields like Law, Political Science, or Computer Science. Long-standing and recognizable members of the Cardano community with sound judgment and social responsibility are also key considerations.

How Can I Vote?

The voting period for the interim constitutional committee vote will be held from June 13th at 12:45 UTC to June 23rd at 12:45 UTC. Ecosystem participants who were holding ADA during the June 8th snapshot are now able to vote at the following link: https://icc-election.intersectmbo.org/. The voting process is powered by the Summon Platform, a DAO tooling protocol on the Cardano Blockchain.


Cardano’s Interim Constitutional Committee marks a critical step in the blockchain’s evolution toward decentralized governance. With the upcoming elections and the introduction of new governance frameworks, the community’s active participation is essential. The decisions made during this period will shape the future of Cardano, making it crucial for stakeholders to engage and vote. As we anticipate the outcomes of these elections, it will be interesting to see the effects of Cardano’s upcoming on-chain decentralized governance.


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