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BTN Gets Listed on MEXC

On March 28th, Butane and MEXC Global announced the BTN utility token will be listed on the MEXC exchange.

BTN Gets Listed on MEXC

On March 28th, Butane and MEXC Global announced the BTN utility token will be listed on the MEXC exchange. This announcement follows speculation that began on March 13th, when Listings Trade, a platform known for sharing information about token listings before they are officially announced, shared a tweet hinting at this development. At the time, the Butane team did not comment, leading to widespread speculation within the community about the listing and the potential for future listings.

BTN Listing

The BTN token is scheduled to be listed on MEXC Global on April 2nd. It will be featured on the exchange’s Launchpad, providing platform users with an opportunity to win 59,287 BTN and $50,000 USD from the prize pool by committing MEXC tokens to the Launchpad. This listing is anticipated to not only introduce BTN to a wider audience but also to integrate it more deeply into the crypto ecosystem by leveraging MEXC’s substantial user base and trading infrastructure.

About Butane

Butane represents an advanced next-generation multi-collateral synthetic protocol on the Cardano blockchain, powered by the BTN token. The protocol’s design and capabilities are aimed at providing users with innovative financial tools and opportunities within the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. I

You can find out more about Butane at the following link: https://butane.dev

New Listings Boost Ecosystem

The BTN token listing on MEXC, alongside recent listings of other Cardano native tokens like IAG and AXO on various exchanges, marks a significant stride forward for the Cardano ecosystem. This trend of increased listings is a positive shift, especially considering that many Cardano-based projects have faced limited exposure on global exchanges. Broadening the accessibility of these tokens enhances the ecosystem’s visibility, liquidity, and overall appeal to investors, signaling a growing recognition and adoption of Cardano’s innovative blockchain technology.

About MEXC

Established in 2018 and headquartered in Seychelles, MEXC is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange known for its significant position in the market. With a spot trading volume that places it 11th among centralized exchanges and a 21st position in derivative trading, MEXC stands out for its competitive fee structure. Notably, it offers a no-fee policy for spot market makers and takers, and a low futures taker fee of only 0.03%, making it one of the most affordable trading platforms in the industry.

You can visit the MEXC exchange at the following link: https://www.mexc.com/


The listing of the BTN token on MEXC Global is a noteworthy development for both Butane and MEXC, as well as for the wider cryptocurrency community. It reflects the growing trend of collaboration and integration within the crypto market, aimed at enhancing accessibility, utility, and the overall user experience. As April 2nd approaches, anticipation builds for the potential impact this listing will have on the BTN token’s visibility and adoption.


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