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BDAG Updated Roadmap Beats Cardano Founder's Moves & TRX Price

The Cardano founder recently proposed a partnership with Bitcoin Cash, aiming to boost interoperability. Meanwhile, TRON (TRX) price has experienced an uptick in market value. Yet, BlockDAG is truly standing...

BDAG Updated Roadmap Beats Cardano Founder's Moves & TRX Price

The Cardano founder recently proposed a partnership with Bitcoin Cash, aiming to boost interoperability. Meanwhile, TRON (TRX) price has experienced an uptick in market value. Yet, BlockDAG is truly standing out with its detailed, transparent roadmap and strategic depth. 

BlockDAG has not only outlined a clear trajectory with its $100 million liquidity provision ready at launch, but its impressive presale surge, accumulating $23.6 million, underscores its potential as the best crypto to buy in 2024, ensuring stability and robust user engagement.

Cardano Founder’s Strategic Partnership with Bitcoin Cash

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson recently ignited discussions within the cryptocurrency community with a proposal for a potential collaboration between Cardano and Bitcoin Cash. In a recent initiative, the Cardano founder engaged the Bitcoin Cash community through a poll on social media, questioning their interest in transforming Bitcoin Cash into a highly efficient proof-of-work chain.


The Cardano founder has suggested that Bitcoin Cash could serve as a service layer, which might involve establishing a cross-chain bridge or integrating with Cardano as a settlement layer. While the details of the partnership remain uncertain due to the technical differences between the protocols, the idea proposed by the Cardano founder could potentially enhance interoperability between these two prominent blockchains.   

TRON (TRX) Price Eyes New Heights Amid Market Recovery

TRON (TRX) has demonstrated a robust performance, registering a 77.7% increase year-to-date. The recent trends across various timeframes, including weekly and bi-weekly charts, indicate a sustained bullish momentum. The TRON (TRX) price, which recently moved from $0.112 to $0.1214, is showing signs of potentially breaching the significant $0.14 mark.

Technical indicators like RSI and MACD affirm the positive trajectory for TRON (TRX) price, suggesting a possible climb to higher levels. Predictions further suggest a potential rise to $0.2725 by the end of 2024, showcasing TRON’s promising future in the crypto market without urging investment.


BlockDAG Unveils Updated Roadmap and $100M Liquidity Boost: Best Crypto to Buy 2024

BlockDAG is significantly advancing its position in the cryptocurrency market with the recent unveiling of key strategic developments. The transparent, updated roadmap, detailed in a Gantt Chart, clearly communicates the project’s progress and plans, instilling confidence and stimulating further investment during the presale phase, which has already achieved impressive figures of $23.6 million.

The initial phase of BlockDAG’s strategy focuses on constructing a robust blockchain architecture. This includes developing a versatile P2P engine that supports both Block and DAG structures, guided by a Proof of Work consensus. Integration with the Ethereum Virtual Machine and Metamask, alongside critical milestones such as the Devnet, Testnet, and Mainnet launches, all subject to stringent auditing, lay a strong foundation for the technology.


Further enhancing user engagement, the second phase introduces the BlockDAG Scan. This explorer tool is essential for improving user interaction, offering a streamlined interface that facilitates access to transactions, blocks, and smart contract data. It also supports NFT functionalities and includes a testnet faucet, adding significant value to the user experience.

The rollout of the X1 Miner Application marks the third phase, designed to deepen user engagement with features like a referral program and wallet functionalities. This phase focuses on building a vibrant community and providing users with essential tools to manage their investments actively. As BlockDAG nears its official launch, ensuring market stability is crucial. To this end, BlockDAG is reinforced with $100 million in liquidity support from leading market makers and exchanges, positioning it as a top investment choice for 2024.

BlockDAG Standout With Its Clear Vision 

As the Cardano founder explores a partnership with Bitcoin Cash and TRON (TRX) enjoys a market upswing, BlockDAG emerges as the standout with its clear roadmap and strategic $100 million liquidity boost. With its impressive presale figures and innovative features, BlockDAG is solidifying its reputation as the best crypto to buy in 2024, offering a promising investment opportunity compared to its contemporaries.

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Website: https://blockdag.network

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Telegram: https://t.me/blockDAGnetworkOfficial

Discord: https://discord.gg/Q7BxghMVyu


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