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Blockchain tool will allow Java developers to build blockchain solutions

Newly launched ‘blockchain in a box’ development tool allows developers to rapidly create and deploy blockchain solutions harnessing the popular Scala programming language for the rapid development of innovative blockchain products

Blockchain tool will allow Java developers to build blockchain solutions

  • Newly launched ‘blockchain in a box’ development tool allows developers to rapidly create and deploy blockchain solutions harnessing the popular Scala programming language for the rapid development of innovative blockchain products

  • Early adopters have already successfully built products, including a track and trace solution for nutmeg supply chains, and a carbon credit marketplace for a carbon offsetting scheme in Texas

A new ‘blockchain in a box’ software development tool, called ScoreX, is being launched to provide easier access to blockchain experimentation for developers by Input Output Global, the leading developer behind the green Cardano blockchain, and the founders of the blockchain platform Ergo. The tool has already been used to create successful solutions for agricultural supply chains and energy grids. 

Although there are approximately 26M software developers globally, currently, only 0.3% of these work on blockchain, despite the growing popularity of the technology. However, low levels of interoperability between blockchains and small numbers of software developers with blockchain-specific experience is limiting both experimentation and utilization of the technology. ScoreX aims to address those problems.

Two blockchain solutions have already been developed using ScoreX. One is a partnership between Topl and the Dutch NGO Fairfood, and monitors the nutmeg supply chain, from farm to food, providing an overview of the production process to prevent exploitation of farmers in supply chains. . The other is a sustainability project with the Texas Coastal Exchange to create a carbon credit marketplace that will be able to sell carbon offsets generated through the natural carbon sequestration of land the organization holds on the coast of Texas. These innovations benefit from blockchain technology’s inherent security and immutability, and have been developed and deployed quickly usingScoreX.  

ScoreX allows developers to rapidly experiment, develop and test blockchain designs.  This allows blockchain-based applications to be created and deployed at reduced costs, in a shorter time, and with less intensity for developers. 

Blockchain developers are in high demand;  a 2021 report reveals that global demand for them was up by 300-500% from 2020 to 2021. However, with those blockchain developers representing just 0.3% of the world’s software developers, there is clearly a gap that needs to be addressed. As a modular, development ‘kit’ Scorex lowers the barriers to entry for software developers looking to utilize blockchain.

ScoreX offers more flexibility for the creation of bespoke blockchain solutions because it is designed to work with any blockchain or software platform. Its code - written in the programming language Scala - ensures security and easy understanding for developers. Scala is the language behind many of the world’s leading and everyday programmes such as Twitter, Netflix and AirBnB, as well as in web development and data management. However, developers do not have to know Scala to use the tool as it’s compatible with Java, as well as any JVM (Java Virtual Machine) based language. This compatibility means that ScoreX will be opening up blockchain experimentation to the 9.4 million developers already working with Java.   

Alexander Chepurnoy, Co-founder of Ergo, said: “When we were developing ScoreX, it was crucial for us that we could ensure people could use it with Java - as the most used programming language, making sure our tool was compatible with a future where harnessing the power of blockchain can be second nature to anyone. ScoreX is an exciting development that will see the creation of innovative blockchain-based solutions across a range of industries. By erasing the need to learn new complex knowledge, ScoreX will let as many developers as possible solve real world problems using blockchain technology.” 

Daniela Barbosa, Executive Director at Hyperledger, said: “Hyperledger Labs is incubating a number of exciting blockchain projects. ScoreX will enable even great levels of blockchain adoption by allowing free and limitless experimentation, opening up the technology to more developers than ever before. From sustainability to supply chain to treasury systems, developers can use ScoreX to explore new uses for blockchain technology, and we're looking forward to seeing what is developed with the tool.”

Romain Pellerin, CTO of Input Output Global (IOG), said: “At IOG, we believe that interoperability is the way forward for our industry in order to broaden adoption, which is why ScoreX’s design to be compatible with any platform is so important. With ScoreX, we’re paving the way for blockchain to achieve its true potential, laying the groundwork for the next Amazon, Google or Wikipedia. ScoreX will allow developers to create their own blockchain products easily and rapidly, allowing more people than ever before to benefit from blockchain technology’s advantages.” 

About Input Output Global

Input Output Global is a research and development, and product engineering company, committed to using peer-to-peer innovations to provide 21st century services to the 3bn people worldwide who don’t have them.

We build blockchain based products for governments, corporations and academic institutions and upskill people across the world, empowering them to solve the most pressing problems faced by people in their countries.

We have core beliefs in decentralization, the right to privacy and stand opposed to centralized control and bureaucracy.


About Ergo

The Ergo platform is a proof-of-work based blockchain that takes a unique approach to smart contracts and dApps. Ergo builds on the strongest and best-established features of the Bitcoin protocol, adding extensive new features for DeFi.

These include UTXO-based smart contracts and Sigma protocols: efficient, zero-knowledge protocols that enable implementation of tasks that would be impossible, risky or expensive on other platforms. This includes out-of-the-box support for custom ring and threshold signatures.

For more information about Ergo, visit www.ergoplatform.org


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