Bison Coin : A decentralized Bison meme coin on cardano network

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$Bison Coin is a decentralized meme coin on cardano network. Its a High potential, Formally verified and Peer reviewed meme coin for Cardano degans. Intended to build casino game. We are indeed Inspired by master Charles love of Bisons.

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What is BISON coin ?

From a land far, far away… Beyond the realms of Cardano Forest there is rumored Big bison herd grazing in memeverse.1000 trillion Bisons grazing on memes looking for Cardano Degans to Farm em. You can adopt em through Ada, Earn em through steak pools, bet on em on bison Fury. When you eat em you will be high as F because they are fed by formally verified pure weed!!

How to Buy :

Buy from our website

Buy on Muesliswap

Bison sale Stages :

Stage 1 -

Public Fair-Sale LIVE

1 ADA = 1 Billion BISON

Minimum 4 ADA to buy

200 T total bisons for sale

( 20% of bison herd )

Stage 2 -

Bison steak pool

1 ADA delegated = 10 million BISON

Have to delegate minimum 50 ADA

200 T bisons will be chapped

(20% of bison herd)

Stage 3 -

Buy on DEX

Available to trade on Muesliswap :

1 ADA = 1 Billion BISON

30% of BISON herd

will be soon available on all major dexs in cardano.

Read about Bison Tokenomics ,Supply allocation ,and Roadmap in our Whitepaper :


Dear Ranchers Earn Free Bisons By delegating to Our partnered Cardano stake pools from epoch 305 to 320You must delegate 50+ Ada minimum to get bisons reward. For each ada you delegated you receive 10 million bisons. But minimum amount to delegate is 50+ ada so you receive minimum 500 million bison on each epoch Max saturation is 1000 ada delegation. You receive 10 billion bison max. Anything more than 1000 ada delegation only receive 10 billion max bison — this all you receive for one epoch. If you are stake pool operator wanted join our ISPO please contact us to register. If you delegated to these pools you can earn free bisons from Epoch 305 to 320You can delegate to these pools to earn free bisons.

Our Stake Pool Partners :


Dear Ranchers Earn Free Bisons By delegating to Our partnered Cardano stake pools from epoch 305 to 320

BISON Referral Program :

You will Earn free $BISONs & ADA for spreading the word about new meme coin in town. You have to join our twitter- follow — retweet pinned & mention 3 Crypto friends in tweet reply, Join our telegram & discord. Refer 5 friends to join our bison farms & DO the same. You have to clear all task to earn 20 points & to become eligible for airdrop On December 26th We will airdrop 4 billion $BISONs & 1.5 ada to Stampede on you….!!.If you are new to Cardano please download yoroi Wallet. You have to paste your “ADA RECEIVE ADDRESS” in airdrop form so we airdrop to that address. [ note : metamask and trust wallet not have Cardano network ]

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Building Bison Fury — perfect Casino for Crypto

Bison Fury Casino is set of a low volatility Casino games include spinning wheels, ADA price predictions, And a casino game based on real life Popular game ‘BISON FURY’‘ Bison Fury’ promises reasonable returns in the base game, features super-exciting free spins round with sticky wilds as your main weapon, as well as a jackpot win. We will soon Launch our NFTs you will need em to play these games! What more else would you expect from meme token? Off course Unlimited supply of memes is 100% Assured

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