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20+ Best Free Crypto Signals Telegram Groups in 2024

Free Crypto signals Telegram groups are online communities on the Telegram messaging app that focus on sharing recommendations for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Since getting into cryptocurrency can be...

20+ Best Free Crypto Signals Telegram Groups in 2024

Free Crypto signals Telegram groups are online communities on the Telegram messaging app that focus on sharing recommendations for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Since getting into cryptocurrency can be challenging for beginners, these groups help them learn and make trading decisions.

However, not all signal providers are reliable. That’s why our team has reviewed the most popular crypto signal providers, closely analyzing their signals in terms of accuracy, frequency, and transparency. And that’s how we have prepared this list of the best Telegram groups that provide the best free crypto signals.

  • Crypto Whale Pumps: A channel with signals for new cryptocurrency presale tokens
  • Binance Killers: Strong crypto signals with detailed guides for professional trading
  • Crypto Pump Club:  Biggest Telegram channel for early pump signals
  • Wallstreet Queen Official: Top female trader’s free signals, 200k+ members
  • Wolf of Trading: Helps you trade effectively, free from emotional influence
  • Crypto Inner Circle: Provides signals for Binance Futures trading
  • CryptoSignals.org: Daily crypto trading signals boasting a huge success rate
  • Learn 2 Trade: Offers real-time alerts, daily analysis, and trading tips
  • Fed. Russian Insiders: Offers market analysis, education, and trading signals
  • Coin Bureau Insider: Delivers Daily Crypto Market News Updates
  • 100eyes Crypto Scanner: Shares Crypto Charts with Technical Analysis Indicators
  • ICO Analytics: Publishes insights on new crypto listings, airdrops and presales
  • Glassnode: Provides On-Chain market analysis
  • ICO Drops: A premier source for daily updates on ICO news
  • Bitcoin Bullets: Provides Bitcoin altcoins signals and free market analysis
  • Airdrop: Telegram channel for tracking crypto airdrops
  • Whale Alert: Monitors Major Cryptocurrency Transactions
  • Fat Pig Signals: Provides exclusive analyses, timely alerts, and strategic insights
  • CoinCodeCap Classic: Offers weekly signals, market analysis, and daily crypto news
  • Binance Signals: Free trading signals for the largest crypto exchange
  • Today Trader: Signal provider targeting basics and early entries in new crypto launches

Now, let’s discuss each of these free crypto signals providers in detail –

Crypto Whale Pumps

Telegram channel of Crypto Whale Pumps free Crypto signals provider

Crypto Whale Pumps caters to novice and seasoned investors by offering detailed analyses of new token presales and emerging coins. It currently has around 97K subscribers. Subscribers receive updates on why specific presales have seen price surges post-listing on exchanges.

The channel also assesses the investment potential of various cryptos, identifying possible long-term gains and highlighting which ones might be risky or unreliable, known as “honeypots.”

Given the dynamic nature of the crypto market, the channel promptly adjusts its recommendations based on real-time market fluctuations. It is particularly beneficial for traders with limited time, allowing them to receive timely and relevant trading signals.

Crypto Whale Pumps also offers an educational resource for understanding market trends and investment opportunities in the crypto space. Its commitment to providing timely, analyzed content makes it a valuable free crypto signals provider for anyone looking to enhance their trading strategies and increase their returns through informed investments.

Binance Killers

Telegram channel of Binance Killers, free crypto signals provider

Binance Killers has garnered a membership exceeding 200,000, making it one of the biggest free crypto signals communities on Telegram. It provides comprehensive daily market analyses, focusing on BTC and ETH market shares, top market movers, and investment strategies based on recent trends. The channel offers free and premium signal services suitable for various trading platforms.

Members benefit from a mix of free educational content aimed at novice traders and premium signals available through subscription plans. The plans include one-month, three-month, and lifetime options, frequently available at discounted rates.

The channel’s strength lies in its detailed altcoin analysis and trading recommendations, helping traders decide what are the best altcoins to invest in. Whereas its VIP section offers advanced insights from seasoned market analysts for experienced traders and newcomers alike.

Binance Killers emphasizes safe investment strategies and advises against high-leverage trading. However, it provides its VIP members exclusive signals, allowing them to engage safely in high-leverage trades.

Designed for quick gains and long-term trading strategies, the service uses sophisticated algorithms and thorough technical analysis to identify profitable trading opportunities. This makes it a versatile choice for traders seeking either immediate returns or patient, steady income growth.

Wallstreet Queen Official

Telegram channel of Wallstreet Queen Official

Wallstreet Queen Official has quickly attracted over 180k subscribers due to its precise crypto trading signals. This channel stands out for its extensive customer support, catering mainly to beginners. The founder shares her trading insights, offering step-by-step guidance on market analysis and investment strategies.

The service divides its offerings into free and VIP categories. Free crypto signals include basic market predictions with essential analysis, supporting charts, and technical indicators like support, resistance levels, and chart patterns. VIP access provides deeper market insights and exclusive content to maximize investment opportunities through high-leverage signals.

Regular updates on market trends are available to all members, ensuring even the most seasoned traders find value. The channel also offers free pre-pump signals, allowing non-VIP members early investment opportunities in potential high-growth tokens. However, Opting for VIP membership grants comprehensive access to advanced insider information, which could significantly enhance trading outcomes.

Wolf of Trading

Telegram Channel of Wolf of Trading

Wolf of Trading caters traders eager to excel in cryptocurrency markets. This group provides daily updates on market trends, including the fear and greed index, and issues an average of two trading signals daily, focusing mainly on Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It caters mainly to beginners by offering free membership and access to professional trading tips, eliminating the need for large initial trades. Members can practice with paper trading until they gain confidence in real investments. Their collaborative community allows members to share trading strategies and experiences, enhancing decision-making skills.

The channel does more than just offering free crypto trading signals; it also engages in detailed market analysis of current events to predict their potential impact on crypto prices. This insight is vital for newcomers to understand market dynamics and make informed decisions.

Technical analysis by the group includes chart patterns, trading volumes, and support and resistance levels. Additionally, Wolf of Trading offers personal coaching from trading experts at no extra cost, helping members refine their trading techniques.

For those new to crypto trading, the channel provides clear instructions on buying and selling points and alerts on potential market manipulations. This guidance is crucial for novice and experienced traders, making Wolf of Trading a comprehensive platform for learning and trading in crypto.

Crypto Inner Circle

Telegram Channel Crypto Inner Circle for Crypto Signals

Crypto Inner Circle is a cryptocurrency signals channel owned by seasoned Binance traders, boasting over 130k subscribers. It ranks among the fastest-growing cryptocurrency channels, offering daily trading tips without requiring a VIP membership for access. 

The channel is particularly noted for its Binance Futures Trading Signals, which boast a 90% verified accuracy rate. These signals cover many cryptocurrencies, from well-known ones like BTC and ETH to lesser-known altcoins, and include multiple profit targets to help manage risk.

Subscribers receive precise buying and selling signals alongside analyses explaining each trade’s rationale. This ensures a clutter-free environment as only admins post, eliminating unnecessary content.

The channel provides VIP members detailed market technical analysis and additional premium insights. These resources aid subscribers in understanding the crypto market dynamics and refining their trading decisions. Depending on the VIP roster size, various subscription plans are available, including monthly and lifetime options.

Their expertise primarily lies in spot and low-leverage altcoin trading. Crypto Inner Circle maintains high transparency, openly sharing all trades, outcomes, and analyses, showcasing profits and losses.


CryptoSignals.org Telegram Channel

Started in 2014, Cryptosignals.org leverages artificial intelligence to provide crypto trading signals. It analyzes market data using fundamental and technical analysis and delivers its signals through its Telegram channel. 

The platform, managed by expert crypto traders, offers suggestions on when to buy or sell digital tokens based on market conditions. Each signal includes entry and exit points, alongside take-profit and stop-loss targets, which help traders manage risks.

The service covers major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Chainlink, Binance Coin, Polkadot, and Cardano. Cryptosignals.org reports an 82% success rate with its trading signals. Its free Telegram group reaches over 50k followers and delivers three to five signals weekly. The VIP group offers two to five signals daily for more frequent trading insights. This enhanced service starts at £42 (approximately $47) per month.

Subscribers receive comprehensive market analyses with each signal, explaining the logic behind each trading idea. This aids users in understanding market dynamics and making informed trading decisions. In addition to trading signals, the group also alerts members about significant crypto news, informing them about the latest market developments.

Learn 2 Trade

Learn2Trade Telegram Channel with over 23k members

Learn2Trade is crypto trading signal provider, boasting a community of over 23k members. It offers both free and paid signal services through its Telegram channel. The free service provides up to three signals weekly whereas the VIP service delivers up to five daily signals, complete with entry, take-profit, and stop-loss levels, as well as details on the risk-reward ratio and recommended trade sizes.

This platform claims a success rate of 76% for its signals. Additionally, Learn2Trade provides users with real-time alerts on crypto technical analysis and economic events. Subscribers can also participate in weekly webinars that delve deeper into market trends.

The platform presents multiple subscription options for VIP signals, ranging from one-month to annual plans, with longer commitments offering cost savings. Learn2Trade maintains a four-star rating on TrustPilot and extends its educational offerings to include crypto and forex trading courses.

Forex traders can join an exclusive swing trading group, promising signals with an 84% success rate. Learn2Trade stands out for its comprehensive resources geared towards beginner traders, enhancing their trading skills across both forex and crypto markets.

Fed. Russian Insiders

Telegram Channel of Fed. Russian Insiders

Fed. Russian Insiders specializes in BTC and altcoins, focusing on leveraged trading. They provide 2-3 signals daily, amounting to around 60 per month. Known for their high transparency, they maintain an exceptional accuracy rate of over 90%.

Their offerings include a range of margin signals, primarily for the ByBit platform, and advice on altcoin investments. These services cater to traders with different strategy durations: short, medium, and long-term. One unique aspect of FRI is their use of Fibonacci sequences, enhancing accessibility for beginners.

Moreover, FRI supports its members through additional educational resources. VIP members, in particular, access an extensive library valued at over $30,000, which includes trading courses, guides, and books at no extra cost. This commitment to trader education helps both seasoned traders and novices deepen their market understanding.

The Fed. Russian Insiders features expert technical analyses and real-time market updates, assisting subscribers in making informed decisions. Thanks to the diligent efforts of FRI’s skilled trading and risk management teams, even non-VIPs benefit significantly from shared insights.

Coin Bureau Insider

Telegram Channel of Coin Bureau Insider for free Crypto Signals

Coin Bureau operates a prominent YouTube channel with over 2 million followers and has extended its educational mission to a Telegram channel called Coin Bureau Insider. This Telegram channel boasts 140k subscribers and offers free access to concise crypto market news and insights, aiding in cryptocurrency mass adoption. 

It sends a roundup of significant crypto industry headlines daily and provides price predictions for various digital coins. Additionally, it discusses economic events impacting rapidly growing cryptocurrencies, often incorporating links to original articles for deeper research.

Coin Bureau Insider ensures content accessibility for novices and experienced market watchers through straightforward explanations. It re-posts YouTube content alongside written summaries, allowing followers to stay informed about blockchain, Web3, and crypto trading markets without video. The channel also covers government actions in Web3, token rally reports, and educational guides to keep subscribers well-informed in real-time.

Coin Bureau Insider ranks as a leading cryptocurrency Telegram group that provides timely and insightful information. Its commitment to simplifying complex information enhances understanding and supports informed investment decisions in the dynamic crypto space.

100eyes Crypto Scanner

100eyes Crypto Scanner Telegram Channel

100eyes Crypto Scanner is a technical analysis tool on Telegram, primarily serving cryptocurrency traders. It uses automated systems to detect indicators such as RSI, divergences, and support zones across various crypto charts. 

Users can access a free preview channel with alerts for the top four cryptocurrencies. For more extensive features, a premium channel covers over 180 cryptocurrencies with fully automated alerts.

The premium service is subscription-based, with several pricing tiers: $250 for a lifetime membership, $110 annually, or $75 for six months. This tool allows traders to customize alerts, choose specific timeframes, and select tokens to track. Additionally, users can request tailor-made alerts suited to their trading needs.

100eyes Crypto Scanner also emphasizes education in its services, providing resources designed to enhance trading proficiency and profitability. Their customer support team is dedicated to assisting users in navigating the tool’s features and maximizing its utility.

This service caters to novice and experienced traders by offering structured support and comprehensive educational content, fostering an environment conducive to learning and trading efficiency.

ICO Analytics

Telegram Channel of ICO Analytics

ICO Analytics is an independent platform that offers advanced analytics tools for cryptocurrency investors. It focuses on enhancing transparency and objectivity for those trading in various markets and projects. This independence ensures that the insights provided are free from external influences from Web3 entities or individuals.

The platform is not limited to cryptocurrencies alone but covers global stock market trends. This breadth of coverage makes it a valuable resource for investors interested in multiple financial markets.

One of ICO Analytics’ unique features is its Telegram channel. Here, subscribers receive updates on new crypto coins and the latest tokens listed on major exchanges like Binance. The channel also offers news, assumptions, crypto trading signals, and analysis, making it a crucial tool for staying updated on market dynamics.


Telegram Channel of Glassnode

Glassnode’s Telegram channel provides comprehensive on-chain market analysis using numerous indicators. For those unfamiliar, on-chain analysis examines digital tokens’ utility and transaction activity through blockchain data, helping traders analyze market data to improve trading decisions.

They share crypto trading signals on their Telegram channel with data derived from on-chain analytics. These messages often explain what the data signifies for the crypto market. Sometimes, the alerts feature links to detailed Glassnode reports for further insights.

The channel is a valuable resource for traders who rely on economic indicators. Through its detailed on-chain analysis, Glassnode clearly understands market trends and its insights benefit traders by helping them make informed trading decisions.

By examining digital token transaction activity and utility, Glassnode provides a unique perspective on market conditions. The Telegram group is a hub for timely market updates based on on-chain analytics, helping traders stay informed about significant market movements.

ICO Drops

Telegram Channel of ICO Drops

ICO Drops is a top site for daily ICO news updates. It features a popular website and a Telegram channel with over 50K members, offering them comprehensive views of the crypto market. They post ICO news and updates on key industry events.

ICO Drops’ Telegram group is free to join, making it an excellent resource for staying informed about ICO and other crypto trends. Members get early access to promising crypto projects with various use cases. This group is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the growing ICO landscape.

Bitcoin Bullets

Bitcoin Bullets Telegram Channel for Free Crypto Signals

Bitcoin Bullets is a well-known Telegram group providing crypto trading signals for Bitcoin and top altcoins. The group primarily uses mid-term charts for its analysis. What sets Bitcoin Bullets apart is its combination of technical and fundamental analysis, covering short, mid, and long-term market sentiments.

The free Telegram group offers news updates and market analysis. For investors seeking signals, a subscription to the VIP group is necessary. The VIP group provides 1-2 calls daily and boasts a high accuracy rate of 90%.

Bitcoin Bullets claims to be one of the most profitable groups thanks to its high accuracy rate. Beyond signals, the group’s market analysis is also quite invaluable. It educates its audience, enabling informed trading decisions.

Market analysis is included in the free group, which can be combined with other sources for comprehensive trading strategies. This approach allows traders to make more informed decisions instead of relying solely on signals.


Airdrop Telegram Channel for Free Latest Crypto Signals of Airdrops

Airdrop is a valuable crypto Telegram group that tracks new campaigns and promotes free cryptocurrency distributions called airdrops. These are often given in return for completing tasks. Airdrops provide a risk-free way to acquire trending cryptocurrencies. 

However, the channel does not alert every airdrop in the crypto space. Many projects run such promotions, but the channel focuses on emerging cryptocurrencies that are yet to be widely known. 

The information shared helps users discover new opportunities to invest without spending money. While airdrops are common, this channel selectively covers promising projects. This helps users stay updated with new and less popular cryptocurrencies. 

This approach allows users to explore potential gains through free tokens. Users can maximize their chances of obtaining valuable crypto assets by following Airdrop. This group offers a curated experience for crypto enthusiasts seeking new opportunities.

Whale Alert

Whale Alert

Whale Alert is a free Telegram group offering free crypto signals, which helps investors stay informed about major market movements. The bot monitors significant cryptocurrency transactions that could impact market prices. By tracking these large-scale movements, the bot provides timely alerts, which helps investors understand potential price fluctuations.

Understanding these alerts is crucial. For instance, a notification of substantial cryptocurrencies being moved to an exchange might suggest a forthcoming sale, potentially lowering prices. Conversely, significant transfers from exchanges to private wallets often indicate recent large purchases, hinting at possible price increases due to decreased supply.

The importance of such insights cannot be overstated as they provide a glimpse into market trends, helping investors make informed decisions. This tool is invaluable for anyone looking to keep a pulse on the cryptocurrency market’s dynamics. Investors can better navigate the volatile crypto space by staying updated and leveraging information to optimize their investment strategies.

Fat Pig Signals

Fat Pig Free and Paid Crypto Signals

Fat Pig Signals started issuing trading signals via Telegram in 2018. The platform’s free Telegram channel boasts nearly 542k subscribers and offers up to two trading signals weekly. These signals detail the cryptocurrency pair, profit targets, and position duration.

A VIP subscription is available for more in-depth signals, market analyses, and yield-farming recommendations. This premium service provides insights into portfolio composition and rebalancing alongside alerts on upcoming crypto projects and key market news. Furthermore, Fat Pig Signals regularly posts its monthly trading performance on its website, enhancing transparency.

Distinguishing itself from other services, its free group supplies extensive information on market dynamics and risk management, enabling users to evaluate the service’s value before upgrading to the paid version. This approach facilitates a practical preview for prospective subscribers.

CoinCodeCap Classic

CoinCodeCap Classic

CoinCodeCap Classic offers trading signals across various markets to its 200k Telegram channel subscribers. It is backed by a team of professional traders that provide signals for high- and low-leverage spot, futures markets, and daily crypto news updates. 

Weekly signals are available at no cost for newcomers wanting a trial. Additionally, the service includes a 7-day money-back guarantee, allowing users to assess their crypto signals risk-free. 

CoinCodeCap Classic prioritizes signal quality over quantity, increasing signal frequency only when market conditions are favorable. It operates around the clock, monitoring trading pairs continuously without committing to a specific number of monthly trades. 

Users interested in automating their trades can use the Cornix Trading Bot, which comes with a 14-day free trial. On-demand market analysis is also available upon request, further enhancing user support and decision-making in trading.

Binance Signals

Binance Signals

The Binance Signals Telegram channel is a resource for crypto trading signals, focusing exclusively on the Binance exchange. This channel has gathered a significant following, boasting over 145k members. It provides users with free crypto trading signals for various cryptocurrencies available on Binance.

Despite the limitation to one exchange, Binance supports a vast selection of over 400 coins. These encompass nearly 1,500 trading pairs, ranging from major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to lesser-known meme coins like Pepe and Sponge. The platform accommodates trading across different markets, including spot, futures, and margin trading.

The signals on this Telegram channel are diverse and cover numerous time frames. Each signal comes with a chart analysis to aid users in verifying and conducting further research before trading. 

Additionally, the group offers concise updates on crypto news. Important developments are highlighted and tagged as either #bearish or #bullish. These tags help users discern the potential impact of news on market trends. The Binance Signals Telegram group thus serves as a comprehensive guide for traders looking to navigate the complexities of cryptocurrency trading on Binance.

Today Trader

Today Trader

Today Trader is a new crypto analyst and coach with around 11.8k subscribers on YouTube. He offers in-depth technical analysis of major cryptocurrencies and is expanding his presence on Telegram.

Today Trader keeps his followers updated on newly launched cryptos with potential for high returns. He provides crypto trading signals for both new meme coins and established high-cap cryptocurrencies. Subscribers to his Telegram channel benefit from his quick responses to inquiries. It also addresses questions on various topics, from market trends to strategies for entering new coin launches.

Benefits of Free Crypto Signals Telegram Channels

There are various benefits of joining these free crypto signals telegram channels.

  • Cost Efficiency: Free signals eliminate the need for expensive subscription fees, allowing traders to access trading insights and strategies without financial commitment. This makes them ideal for beginners and traders on a budget.
  • Learning Opportunity: They provide educational resources, helping users understand market dynamics and trading strategies by observing real-time trading recommendations and their rationale.
  • Risk Management: Many free signal providers offer entry, exit, stop loss, and take-profit levels, which help traders manage their risks more effectively in the volatile crypto market.
  • Time-Saving: Signals can save time by providing ready-made trading suggestions, so traders don’t have to monitor the markets continuously.
  • Diversification: Access to various signal providers and strategies allows traders to diversify their trading approaches, leading to better risk management and increased profit potential.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Most trading signals are delivered in real-time, enabling traders to capitalize on market opportunities swiftly before they dissipate.
  • Accessibility: Since Telegram is accessible on multiple devices and operating systems, traders can receive and act on signals from anywhere, ensuring they never miss a potential trading opportunity.

How to select the right Crypto Trading Signals Provider?

When selecting a free crypto trading signals provider, you need keep these things in mind –

Track Record and Reliability

Look for providers that have a proven track record of accuracy and reliability. For example, Crypto Inner Circle boasts a 90% verified accuracy rate for its Binance Futures Trading Signals, making it a credible choice for those interested in futures trading.


Opt for services that are transparent about their successes and failures. Fat Pig Signals regularly posts its trading performance, giving potential subscribers an open view of its success rate and trading strategy effectiveness.

Educational Content

Providers like Learn 2 Trade offer signals and educational resources that help traders understand market dynamics and enhance their trading skills. This is particularly valuable for beginners.

Customization and User Support

The ability to customize alerts and the availability of robust user support can significantly enhance your trading experience. 100eyes Crypto Scanner allows users to customize alerts and provides extensive customer support to navigate its features effectively.

Frequency of Signals

Consider how often signals are provided and whether that frequency matches your trading style. For instance, CryptoSignals.org offers up to five signals daily in their VIP group, which is ideal for traders looking for frequent trading opportunities.

Cost vs. Benefit

Evaluate whether the cost of any premium plans is justified by the benefits provided. Providers like CoinCodeCap Classic offer a 7-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to assess the value of the service with minimal risk.

Community and Peer Interaction

A vibrant community can provide additional support and insights. Wolf of Trading offers signals and fosters a community where members can share strategies and experiences, enhancing the learning curve for new traders.

Specialization and Niche Focus

Some providers specialize in specific areas, such as altcoins, futures, or particular exchanges. Binance Signals, for instance, focuses exclusively on the Binance exchange, making it suitable for traders primarily using this platform.

How do Crypto Trading Signals Work?

Crypto trading signals can be gauged through several types of market analysis methods. For example;

  • Technical Analysis: This involves analyzing past market data, primarily price and volume, using various indicators like moving averages, RSI (Relative Strength Index), MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence), and others to predict future market behavior.
  • Fundamental Analysis: This assesses the intrinsic value of a cryptocurrency by looking at relevant news, industry trends, technological advancements, and macroeconomic factors that could affect the currency’s value.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Some signal providers also consider market sentiment, gauged through social media analysis, on-chain analysis, and other qualitative data to determine the prevailing mood of the market participants.

Moreover, a typical crypto signal will contain the following elements:

  • Entry Price: The price at which you are advised to buy or sell the cryptocurrency.
  • Stop Loss: A predefined price at which your trade will close to minimize potential losses if the market moves against your position.
  • Take Profit: The target price at which your trade will close to secure your profits.
  • Risk Management Information: Details on how much capital you should risk on a single trade.

To effectively use crypto signals, you must understand their timing and urgency. Crypto markets are volatile, and opportunities can be short-lived. Therefore, acting swiftly on signals is crucial. Many traders use automated trading bots to execute trades based on signals automatically, ensuring they take advantage of fast-moving opportunities.

It’s essential to use signals from reputable sources. Many signal providers offer a history of their signal performance, allowing users to verify their reliability and accuracy. Some traders prefer to test signals on a demo account before applying them to live trades to gauge their effectiveness without risking actual money.


What are crypto signals Telegram groups?

Crypto signals Telegram groups are online communities where experts share trading suggestions for buying or selling cryptocurrencies. These groups provide real-time insights based on market analysis, helping members make informed trading decisions.

Do crypto signals really work?

Crypto signals can be effective if provided by knowledgeable and experienced analysts who accurately interpret market data. However, their success also depends on timely execution and proper risk management by the user.

Are free crypto signal providers reliable?

Free crypto signal providers can vary in reliability. While some offer valuable insights and accurate predictions, others may lack consistency and depth in analysis. Traders need to verify the track record and transparency of the providers before following their signals.


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