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Become a Crypto Detective: Track Scammers Like a Pro with TapTools

One of the key advantages of using blockchain technology is transparency. The distributed ledger allows you to track scams and other fraudulent activity as long as you know how to read it. Unfortunately, that is much easier said than done. TapTools and SecurityBot have teamed up to make it much easier to track scammer activity on the Cardano blockchain.

Become a Crypto Detective: Track Scammers Like a Pro with TapTools

Scammers, hackers, and other malicious users usually get very good at moving funds around multiple wallets in very confusing ways to hide their identity. This can make it hard to tell if you’re interacting with a legitimate user or a scammer attempting to steal your assets. It often requires hours of work from professional blockchain sleuths to track down the source of a scam.

Experienced users can use a blockchain explorer such as Cardanoscan to track all these complex transactions, but that requires an understanding of UTxOs and Cardano accounts. That knowledge gap exposes average web3 users to scams that could otherwise be prevented.

TapTools and SecurityBot have teamed up to make it easier to stay safe while navigating Web3. TapTools has integrated ScamSearch, SecurityBot’s web3 background check tool, into their Wallet Profiler feature. Here’s how this new partnership makes your life easier.

What is ScamSearch?

ScamSearch is SecurityBot’s free web3 background check tool, allowing users to find out if a Cardano wallet is associated with a known scammer. ScamSearch utilizes SecurityBot’s extensive network of known Discord scammers and compares it against several of the largest collections of wallet/Discord connections in the ecosystem.

Users are marked as known scammers through reports from the SecurityBot community. Staff members from protected communities can flag users as scammers. Once a user receives flags from multiple communities, they are marked as a known scammer.

ScamSearch has been integrated into other web3 dApps such as Typhon Wallet and Mercurychat, making Cardano a safer place for everyone outside of just the Discord ecosystem.


What is TapTools?

TapTools is a comprehensive DeFi andNFT analytics platform that helps you manage your Cardano native assets. It provides lots of features for Cardano traders such as advanced price charts, portfolio tracking, trade histories, and more. One of their most popular features is the Wallet Profiler which provides insights into Cardano wallets in an easily digestible way. TapTools has exploded in popularity in recent weeks with the Cardano DeFi hype in full swing, becoming one of the most popular dApps in the Cardano ecosystem.

TapTools integrates ScamSearch

TapTools has integrated ScamSearch into the Wallet Profiler to make it very simple to track a scammer’s activity. The Wallet Profiler will now display a warning icon if you’re visiting a known scammer’s profile.

Wallet Profile of a known scammer displaying a warning icon.Wallet Profile of a known scammer displaying a warning icon.

This alone is very helpful, but combined with the associated wallets feature, it becomes extremely powerful. With TapTools users can very easily follow the movement of scammed funds and learn what other wallets are associated with a scam. This makes advanced scam investigations much easier and helps prevent future attacks. The days of drawing complex webs of transactions and wallets are over.


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