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Autumn Achievements

While the autumn leaves are falling, our development efforts have been rising.

Autumn Achievements

While the autumn leaves are falling, our development efforts have been rising. The past two months have been particularly eventful for the development team. Not only have we implemented the findings from our initial audit, but the team has also expanded. Our new developer’s focus is on smart contracts and backend-related tasks.

Product Design

The team embarked on conceptualizing and preparing a novel feature — the InfoHub. This initiative promises to be a game-changer in how users interact with and consume information within our ecosystem and should be ready for rollout in the coming months.


We completed refactoring how the frontend handles smart contracts to optimize its performance. Market-related buttons on the lending app dashboard now have updated labels to improve the user experience.

Enhancements were made to the proposal description text area to ensure users can effortlessly focus on it by clicking anywhere on the editor rather than having to click directly in the text area itself. A new mechanism was integrated into the frontend, enabling it to display stale indexer data.

The team also completed the initial design phase of InfoHub, promising an interface that’s both user-friendly and in keeping with our current design theme.


A significant amount of work has been poured into the Valuation Service, ensuring that it’s nearly ready for the final testing phase. Highlights include:

  • Crafting a mechanism to push our Valuation Service generated prices into the blockchain.
  • Implementing our NFT Price Oracle Smart Contract.
  • Updating our other valuation service integrations and protocol changes.

We analyzed the findings from our initial audit and implemented all of the necessary adjustments on the backend. As we welcomed a new member to our smart contract and backend support teams, we prepared dedicated repositories to ensure a smooth onboarding process.

A new flow was designed for LP tokens collateral and restrictions on borrow. This included preparing a Fair LP prices token, conversions to determine accurate USD valuations on both sides of the loan using existing price oracles, and the implementation of checks for loan liquidations. Liquidation testing included removing liquidity from UniSwap to be able to repay the loan in full. We tested the existing PERC20 token smart contracts and examined how they would work after the PERC20 token upgrade to ensure the ongoing functionality of the LP system.

Finally, the team also expanded the test coverage for our Governance Contracts, ensuring their robustness and reliability in a variety of different scenarios.

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