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Astarter DEX V1.0 Closed Beta Test Summary

Astarter DEX(ADEX) recently wrapped up its Closed Beta Month, which began on April 11, 2023, and ran through to April 30.

Astarter DEX V1.0 Closed Beta Test Summary

Astarter DEX(ADEX) recently wrapped up its Closed Beta Month, which began on April 11, 2023, and ran through to April 30. There are three priority rounds, each having exclusive access through a wallet address whitelisting mechanism. Methods to join the rounds of testing are announced each week within Astarter community channels and partner project campaigns.

ADEX Closed Beta Rounds

· Round 1 (11th — 17th April) : 300 tickets (For Ambassadors & Community Supporters)

· Round 2 (18th — 24th April): 100 Tickets (For KOLs &Wallets Collaborative Campaigns)

· Round 3 (25th — 30th April): Astarter AA1 Stake Pool Delegators & Merge Staking Partner Pools Participants)

· Surprised Round: (1st-15th May) Invite 100 community members who want to test but miss the chance to get the test whitelist.

Check the following form for all whitelisted address that participated in testing ADEX: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kCvwHYAIzRIDICqWm1S4Iy1A5kJ7W_zCvbEineYFedY/edit?usp=sharing

In the runup to round 1 we held registration campaigns on three Web3 platforms (Crew3, Galxe, and Port3) for the 300 available tickets and received a staggering 31,582 responses to our registration questions. In addition we also made a limited number of tickets available via Cardanospot community campaign.

We started round 1 testing with two wallet connectors, NAMI and Yoroi and scheduled collaborative wallet campaigns for round 2.

Within the first day of testing, Astarter technical team had integrated Eternl, NuFi and Flint wallets. With the release of Lace 1.0 from Input Output Global also happening on April 11, our technical team set about that integration the next day.

Community Test Feedback

We asked beta testers to provide feedback and received some very helpful suggestions and overall positive feedback. All feedback helps us improve ADEX before going live.

Check the pic below for Community First Impressions of ADEX:

On the User Interface UI design, one suggestion that arose several times was for a Night/Dark Mode toggle. ADEX Swap screen has a light 3D representation of the Astarter logo set as background. The background image highlights the light themed UI and we’re considering adding a dark themed night mode toggle that incorporates the dark version of the Astarter logo.

Supporting multiple wallet integrations allows beta testers to use the wallet they are familiar with and apart from some intermittent connection errors, everyone appears to be making basic swaps, creating pools depositing and withdrawing liquidity. Of the issues identified further testing is required to rule out those related to the Cardano protocol requirement to maintain sufficient ADA balance as collateral for successful smart contract execution.

Overall, the four rounds of DEX testing were successful in demonstrating the performance, efficiency, and functionality of the Astarter DEX. The Astarter development team will continue to refine and optimize the DEX, based on the feedback and suggestions received from the testing participants and the Cardano community. The Astarter DEX is poised to play a key role in the Astarter DeFi ecosystem, and it will enable users to swap assets, provide liquidity, and access a range of DeFi applications and services.

Check this tweet for the video version of ADEX V1.0 test summary:


Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more updates on our ADEX!


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