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As Bitcoin (BTC) Dips and Fantom (FTM)'s TVL Tanks, Tradecurve (TCRV) Sells Out During Presale Phase 4

The crypto market presents mixed signals. Bitcoin (BTC) and Fantom (FTM) are grappling with a dip in price and a tanking total value locked (TVL) respectively.

As Bitcoin (BTC) Dips and Fantom (FTM)'s TVL Tanks, Tradecurve (TCRV) Sells Out During Presale Phase 4

The crypto market presents mixed signals. Bitcoin (BTC) and Fantom (FTM) are grappling with a dip in price and a tanking total value locked (TVL) respectively. On the other hand, Tradecurve, a rising star in the crypto space, is making waves. It is selling out during its presale phase 4. 

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Bitcoin (BTC) Dips

Bitcoin (BTC) has recently seen significant price action, spiking from $24,800 to $31,800 within one month. Yet, Bitcoin is now experiencing a downturn after five weeks of consolidation.

The downturn saw Bitcoin fall below the significant $29.5-30K support zone, hitting a low of around $28.8K just four hours later. The current Bitcoin price of $29.1K shows that buyers are yet to step in.

The recent surge is largely fueled by the Bitcoin TF applications, which, if approved, would open up the Bitcoin markets to institutional investors. However, the failure of Bitcoin to move beyond $31.8K on the back of so much bullish news has investors worried.

The bulls are eyeing the $30K key resistance level and must reclaim it to push Bitcoin back up. Until then, traders must watch out for a potential dip below $28K if selling pressure persists. If this happens, there is a possibility that Bitcoin retraces back to $20K due to the lack of significant support.

Fantom (FTM)'s TVL Tanks

During its prime in 2022, Fantom (FTM)'s Total Value Locked (TVL) soared to a towering $7.58 billion. This was largely due to the inflow from a myriad of decentralized swap protocols that flocked to the platform's unique DAG technology. Unfortunately, the tides have turned, with the current TVL of Fantom shrinking to a meager $64 million.

The main culprit behind this 99% fall was a severe cyber onslaught on the Multichain Fantom bridge, leading to a grand heist of $126 million. Given that Multichain was a linchpin in the Fantom ecosystem, its collapse triggered a domino effect, severely denting user retention and confidence in Fantom.

This news caused the price of Fantom to fall from above $0.32 to just $0.25 within two days. The current price of $0.24 shows that the crypto community is still weary of the asset, especially as Fantom slipped under the $0.30 resistance zone.

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Tradecurve Is Ahead of Fantom and Rivals Bitcoin As It Moves Onto Presale Stage 5

While Bitcoin is seeing a downturn from its recent price action, Tradecurve is making moves. After selling more than 100 million TCRV tokens for $0.018 per token in phase 4 of its presale, Tradecurve (TCRV) has moved on to its fifth phase. This next phase introduces TCRV tokens for $0.025, with more than 16 million sold in the last few days alone.

But what is Tradecurve? It is a new trading platform that combines the best features of centralized and decentralized exchanges to become the first hybrid exchange of its kind.

One standout feature of Tradecurve is its ability to support trading across various asset classes, including cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities, and company stocks. This multifaceted approach means that users can diversify their portfolios without the need to juggle multiple accounts on different platforms.

Unlike many traditional exchanges that require tiresome KYC/AML procedures, Tradecurve allows users to trade anonymously. Signing up is as simple as providing an email address and depositing some cryptocurrency.

Advanced features make trading on Tradecurve not just easy, but potentially more profitable. These include AI-assisted trading and copy trading, which allow users to mimic the strategies of successful traders. Traders can also use leverage of up to 500:1 to maximize their potential returns.

Analysts note that Tradecurve has everything needed to become the number one crypto exchange, surpassing the likes of Binance and Kraken. As such, the price of TCRV tokens is likely to appreciate beyond $1.00 in the long run.

For more information about the Tradecurve (TCRV) presale:

Website: https://tradecurve.io/ 

Buy presale: https://app.tradecurve.io/sign-up 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tradecurveapp 

Telegram: https://t.me/tradecurve_official 


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