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Announcing Free TapTools Pro Week

This week the TapTools team is attending the Rare Evo event at the Gaylord Rockies Resort in Denver, Colorado.

Announcing Free TapTools Pro Week

This week the TapTools team is attending the Rare Evo event at the Gaylord Rockies Resort in Denver, Colorado. Rare Evo is a blockchain convention centered around the theme of interoperability and the convergence of traditional industry with Web3 technology. To celebrate Rare Evo and the Cardano Community, we’ve decided to make TapTools Pro FREE for everyone from August 25th to September 1st. Keeping our loyal Tappy holders in mind, all TapTools Pro subscriptions will be extended by 7 days and will expire on September 1st 2024. Let’s go over some of the newer features and integrations that have released since the Tappy mint.

Market Overview

Our newest feature, Market Overview, gives you an overview of the market for tokens on DEXs as well as NFTs. On the token side of Market Overview, it gives users a complete view of the DEX ecosystem including DEX dominance by volume, trading volume, unique wallets trading, as well as fees generated. Users can also sort DEXs by volume, TVL, marketcap, and more.

On the NFT side of Market Overview provides information about Cardano’s NFT ecosystem. Users have access to everything from active addresses, NFT Marketplace dominance, trading volume and much more.

Money Flow

Money Flow lets users track the movements of assets, segmented by asset type, market, and wallet value, as net inflows and outflows with TapTools Pro. We recently also added inflows and outflows for token staking as well, this data will include all tokens that have staking data integrated into the platform.

Trade Entries/ Exits

Trade Entries/ Exits lets you see your or another users trades with an on chart indicator of when a token was purchased or sold. This gives users a visual understanding of trading strategy, timing, decision-making, and overall performance, aiding in analysis and potential learning opportunities.

LP & Farm Positions

One of our most popular feature requests was Liquidity Provider and Farming positions to be added to portfolio. We were delighted to deliver this feature to our community. Users can now track their LP & Farm positions across all DEXs that are integrated into the platform. Our number one goal is to grow Cardano, we thought it was important to bring more tools to community members who are providing liquidity in the ecosystem.

Profit Leaderboard

Profit leaderboard gives you a profit overview for all holders of a token, as well as a leaderboard of the most profitable traders. Users can see Total Realized Profit/Loss, Total Unrealized Profit Loss, as well as Holders in Profit loss. In the above image you can see that 63% of LenFI holders are in Profit.

NFT Listings

Listings Pro provides information about listed NFTs in a collection. Here you can track the amount of the collection listed, total volume, rarity/ price correlation, as well as the largest sale for the collection. Users can browse through all listed NFTs in a collection, with the ability to sort their search by various values and filters to help find a particular NFT or snipe an NFT with a valuable trait that was listed for a lower price.

NFT Traits

This TapTools Pro feature enables deeper analysis of individual NFT characteristics. It provides detailed insights, including sales trends, floor prices, and transaction volumes for each unique trait, helping you make informed decisions when you’re looking to buy or sell an NFT with a specific trait.

NFT Profit/Loss

The NFT Profit/Loss feature can be found in the NFT section of your portfolio next to trade history. This allows users to see their income, realized profit, unrealized profit, win/loss ratio for NFT trades. Users can also see these stats broken down individually by collection.

Portfolio NFT Viewer

After receiving numerous feature requests, we released an NFT Viewer to the Portfolio section that allows you to view your NFTs, click on them to get individual information, as well as view the full sized image of the NFT. This feature is completely free for all TapTools users.

Wallet Notes

This Pro feature offers personalized customization options, letting you add customized labels and notes onto wallet addresses in their watchlists, making it easier for users to identify the wallets they’re following.

Updates to NFT Overview

Two new features were added to NFT Overview Pro. The first is Diamond Hand Supply which shows the number of NFTs in a collection that have never been sold, helping users identify collections that have a strong community. The second feature that was added is royalties earned, this tracks the amount of royalties earned by an NFT collection over time.

Updates to Homepage

Multi-currency support is another popular feature request that was added to the TapTools Homepage. Users can now select from USD, ADA, EUR, BTC, and ETH to see prices on any of the homepage sections in those currencies.

DEX Integrations

Since the Tappy mint we’ve integrated multiple DEXs into TapTools. These integrations include trade history, charts, LP and Farm positions.

DEXs Integrated: Spectrum Finance, VyFinance.

Staking Integrations

Staking for multiple tokens has also been integrated into the platform. This includes: INDY, LQ, MILK, CNETA GENS, NMKR, NTX, EMP, GENSX. Users who have tokens staked can now keep track of them in the portfolio section where they will appear with your other held tokens.

Mobile Dapp Support

We’ve added mobile dApp support allowing users to connect their wallets via mobile dApp connector. The wallets that currently support this functionality are VESPR and Flint wallet.

Special thanks to Ninh Tran from the Snapbrillia team for making our trip to Rare EVO possible. You can find out more about Snapbrillia at the following link: https://www.snapbrillia.com/

You can find out more about the Rare Evo convention here. https://rareevo.io/


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