AFRIXX - An African generative NFT project

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The first NFT project to combine art and history, aiming to expand the knowledge of Africans and their history.


Afrixx is the first generative NFT project focused on telling the African History in an artistic way, featuring historical faces and African legends accompanied by their stories. Specifically, the stories will be a shared knowledge between the team and us, as known in their places of inception. Thus creating something educational and a means of knowledge preservation. A clever concept indeed, that promotes the African heritage, utilizing creativity.


The team has some strong foundation behind the face of Wada Alliance (the initiator of the project), an organization which aims to connect African developers & entrepreneurs to the Cardano ecosystem. It consists of four members and pretty talented I would say. The core team: Oshomah Abubakar the Artist. Chimdi BAM the 3D expert. Oyindamola Anthony the Illustrator & 3D artist and lastly, Abu Aliyu the Tech expert & Illustrator. What I noticed is that they have a great experience in Illustration and 3D design and that you can understand by just observing the artwork of the project. Furthermore, what I can say about the team is that they are very helpful and they take into account their community’s suggestions. They even have a community voting channel in their Discord server. Finally, they are very active and will answer your questions as soon as possible.


The community is fairly small in both Twitter and Discord but the project is still new and I am positive that it will grow in the months to come (Given the credibility score the project has built). Concerning the activity, it is not bad but could definitely be improved and it will happen as more and more people get familiar with the project. The team always tries to keep the community active by asking their engagement through character facts in Twitter. Furthermore, I love the fact that the team chose to take the slow approach of community build before rushing into any drop launch (that is the Cardano way). The only downside that I could see here is that there are no signs of collaboration with other projects.

If you want to follow Afrixx’s social media you can check here:


Just by seeing the artwork, I can say with confidence that the artists did an excellent job. As a result, they created 3D models of those historical figures with a lot of attention to detail that give you the illusion that they are actual toys. Speaking of which, the artwork will actually come with its physical counterpart as well, sometime in Q3 2022.

Some examples of the artwork can be seen below:


The website is clean, not too overwhelming and contains everything needed for a proper research. Moreover, it uses a great format and matches the whole theme perfectly.


The roadmap is really simple with not much details but straight to the point. It is easily understandable and has a clear path and goal. In fact, not many roadmaps have such a trait – comprehensible with few details. In detail, the roadmap explains the release of graphic novels, documetaries, figurines and the end goal of creating a world-building RPG Metaverse.

For more details check the roadmap here.


A project with a strong team, a clever concept and with an amazing artwork. The roadmap is simple but comprehensible and the website enough for anyone looking to research. Finally, the community is small at the moment but that is due to the fact that the project is still unknown to many.

Afrixx a history generative CNFT
Strong Team
Clear Roadmap
Small Community
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The first NFT project to combine art and history, aiming to expand the knowledge of Africans and their history. BUY NFT NOW -
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