Adapix Cardano NFT marketplace is live!

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Adapix, the new smart contract powered NFT marketplace, launched on Nov 19, 2021 and 300 people listed their NFT in just a few minutes.

With smart contracts, advanced searching and filtering features, a future bulk minter, and 40+ of the biggest collections on Cardano as partners, Adapix changed the game of NFT marketplaces.

Buying and selling NFTs on Cardano used to be tedious and inconvenient: Users had to wait upto 24 hours to complete a simple NFT trade (if it even completed) and hope that the marketplace website would be online for that period. With the new smart contract experience, Adapix is a true dApp that resembles big productions from other marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible or Solanart. 

The whole process does not take any longer than 15 seconds, and it is completely trustless and transparent. With the click of a few buttons, users are in control of what happens with their assets. 

Creators are not falling behind on the adoption: Partners like AdaNinjaz, DeepVision, Lunars, Baby Alien Club, Yummi Universe, Ugly Bros and more are listing their projects on Adapix because of the royalties, support, minting and many other creator benefits it the site comes with.

Future upgrades on the marketplace include a bulk NFT minter, automatic collection listing, more filters, a dark mode and Yoroi wallet support. The partnerships are also expanding: An exclusive listing on Adapix from one of the biggest projects on Cardano will be announced soon and many integrations with different Cardano tools are being implemented.

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