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ADA Eyes Explosive Adoption as $49 Billion Telecom Giant Vodafone Chooses Cardano For First NFT Drop

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ADA Eyes Explosive Adoption as $49 Billion Telecom Giant Vodafone Chooses Cardano For First NFT Drop

Cardano’s Transaction Volume Sees Huge Upsurge Amid Price Fluctuations: ADA Network In Bullish Outlook



<div style="margin-top:0px;margin-bottom:0px" class="sharethis-inline-share-buttons"></div> <p>Vodafone and <a target="_blank" href="https://zycrypto.com/charles-hoskinson-highlights-cardanos-growing-adoption-amidst-lots-of-noise-in-crypto/">Cardano</a> may seem like an unlikely match on the surface, but there may be more to it than meets the eye. It all started with a Tweet by Vodafone Germany asking if Cardano had NFTs.</p> <p>“Does Cardano have NFTs ? Moving the chains,” the mysterious tweet read.</p> <p>This was followed up a day later on an official Vodafone Germany social media Discord channel.</p> <p>Vodafone representative Luca wrote: <em>“Yes, we are planning to release an NFT collection this year, and we want to utilize the Cardano chain for this. The reason we chose this particular chain comes down to community, sustainability as well as cross-chain possibilities.”</em></p> <p>Vodafone’s choice to use the Cardano network for minting NFTs has increased Cardano’s visibility and likelihood of widespread adoption. Vodafone’s cooperation, coming from a significant international company, illustrates the potential and capabilities of the Cardano blockchain for hosting large-scale projects. Cardano adoption may increase due to this exposure among other companies and developers who may be motivated to learn more about the capabilities and advantages of the platform.</p><div class="td-a-rec td-a-rec-id-content_inline tdi_2 td_block_template_5"> <style> /* custom css */ .tdi_2.td-a-rec{ text-align: center; }.tdi_2 .td-element-style{ z-index: -1; }.tdi_2.td-a-rec-img{ text-align: left; }.tdi_2.td-a-rec-img img{ margin: 0 auto 0 0; }@media (max-width: 767px) { .tdi_2.td-a-rec-img { text-align: center; } } </style><span class="td-adspot-title">Advertisement</span> <script async src="https://coinzillatag.com/lib/display.js">


By selecting Cardano as the NFT minting platform, Vodafone expresses confidence in the network’s technical capabilities and infrastructure. This can bolster the Cardano ecosystem and support its long-term expansion and sustainability.

Additionally, ADA is the native coin of the Cardano blockchain. The value and demand for ADA may benefit from increased Cardano network adoption and usage, pushed by major corporations like Vodafone. Increased transactions, staking of ADA, and involvement in the management of the Cardano blockchain may occur when more companies and individuals interact with the Cardano ecosystem. These activities can increase interest in ADA and raise prices.

Cardano enthusiasts and ADA holders alike will be pleased with the development as Cardano is gaining real-life use cases on top of a solid foundation. As one Twitter user Dave, noted, Cardanos’ uptime has just passed 2100 days.

And Patrick Tobler, the founder of NMKR, the platform that will help mint Vodafone NFTs on Cardano, targeted a tweet at Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson stating, “Real-World Enterprise Adoption, what do you say?

While Hoskinson did not directly comment on the development or respond to the tweet, he said, “Lots of noise in crypto. Look for the signal. Cardano is getting real adoption and growing as an ecosystem under the harshest conditions our industry knows. Like Bitcoin, this is being done in a completely decentralized way.”


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