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6 most Eco-friendly Cryptocurrencies in 2021

Crypto is still in its early stage, it's a bit eccentric, very economic, educational, effective, efficient, elaborate, enthralling even. But is it eco-friendly?Read the full story

6 most Eco-friendly Cryptocurrencies in 2021


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Cryptocurrency is innovative, inspiring, intriguing, intricate, immensely imaginative, idealistic even and idealistic, impactful.

Crypto is still in its early stage, it's a bit eccentric, very economic, educational, effective, efficient, elaborate, enthralling even. But is it eco-friendly? Environmentally-conscious? Energy-efficient?

Yes, it is.

Here is a list of 6 eco-friendly cryptocurrencies for 2021. Most sustainable crypto for 2021 and their short descriptions can be found below with links to bigger descriptions.

This is not just any list - as the articles you will find were written in a collaboration with the coin foundations and were shared together with them on social media. You can find links to the tweets in each respective paragraph.

Let's start!

Algorand’s Commitment to Sustainable Blockchain


Key takeaway: Carbon-negative and a partnership with ClimateTrade.

  • Algorand blockchain is secure, and this security is achieved via the Pure Proof-of-Stake protocol, its innovation
  • The Pure PoS not only allows for high transaction speeds, but it also secures (yet again with the security) sustainable energy consumption, which limits the environmental impact
  • Algorand has partnered up with ClimateTrade. It also announced the blockchain is going carbon-negative. How about this for eco-friendly crypto?
  • ALGO can easily be accepted as payment or donation by environmentally-conscious merchants, most of all.

Eco-friendly Nano coin


Key takeaway: 100% energy-efficient (block-lattice system) and fee-less.

  • Nano project aims is to “make money efficient for a more equal world — simple to pay with, easy to accept, and open to all.” Nano is fee-less is therefore fast.
  • The team behind Nano coin has created a 100% energy-efficient system based on the block-lattice they’d developed. The Nano tech has removed the staking, hence a lot less energy consumed. Also, there is no mining in Nano, so no energy is wasted. 
  • Nano tirelessly works on maximizing the efficiency and global reach of digital money worldwide.
  • Nano can be accepted as payment or donation.

Blockchain Sustainability with Hedera Hashgraph


Key takeaway: an innovative alternative to PoW consensus, less electricity but higher throughput

  • The Hedera network is based on the innovative hashgraph consensus, developed by Dr. Leemon Baird, which constitutes a more efficient alternative to proof-of-work consensus found on the most ubiquitous public blockchains
  • Hedera Hashgraph demonstrates its absolute superiority to proof-of-work blockchain platforms in terms of sustainability
  • Hedera Hashgraph uses much less electricity per transaction than Bitcoin or Ethereum but manages to maintain a throughput which is exponentially higher
  • HBAR can be accepted as payment or donation.

Elrond network environmental sustainability


Key Takeaway: 6,24 million times more efficient than BTC

  • Elrond can process 15,000 transactions per second. At the same time, the network consumes less electricity than PoW currencies.
  • Elrond implements a Secure Proof-of-Stake protocol, that leverages both high throughput and sustainability.
  • Elrond is 6,24 million times more efficient than Bitcoin
  • You can always accept EGLD payments or EGLD donations.

Environmentally Sustainable Cardano


Key takeaway: ADA cannot be mined, it might be 37,500 times more energy-efficient than BTC

  • Cardano is also considered to be one of the most environmentally sustainable blockchains.
  • The founder of Cardano once said, the network uses only 6 GWh of power, hence it is a “balanced and sustainable ecosystem”.
  • According to this reddit post, Cardano might be 37,500 times more energy-efficient than Bitcoin.
  • ADA is also considered the third in terms of being least “energy-hungry”.
  • ADA cannot be mined, it is only staked (right now 72% is staked), hence the miniscule energy use.
  • Cardano can be accepted as payment or donation.

Harmony blockchain & Sustainability


Key takeaway: PoS, fast, cheap.

  • Harmony blockchain boasts very fast speed and low fees.
  • Harmony is based on a Proof-of-Stake protocol, which allows it to keep its energy consumption rate at a low level.
  • Harmony ONE coin can be a payment option as well used to accept donations.


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