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41% Loss? We’re still Bullish on Cardano!

Is Cardano at the end of the race? Its detractors do not hesitate to dance on the grave of ADA and its creator Charles Hoskinson. However, even though the euphoria of the past few months has subsided, developments continue...

41% Loss? We’re still Bullish on Cardano!

Is Cardano at the end of the race? Its detractors do not hesitate to dance on the grave of ADA and its creator Charles Hoskinson. However, even though the euphoria of the past few months has subsided, developments continue to unfold. In correction of 41% since its ATH, the Cardano is nevertheless a project at the forefront of innovation. And this is made possible thanks to ambitious partnerships, especially in Africa.

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  • Cardano, a complete project, developed in 360 degrees.
  • 3 major human projects developed on Cardano
  • Developments at the service of the population across Africa

Cardano, a special case in the blockchain ecosystem

Designed by Ethereum co-creator Charles Hoskinson, Cardano is based in Switzerland and aims to be carbon neutral.Crypto, named after 19th century mathematician Ada Lovelace, displays almost as much traffic and transactions as Bitcoin on last 24 hours. IO Global is a scientific research and engineering firm versed in decentralized finance. It is to him that we owe the Cardano blockchain platform.

A complex project like Cardano could not do without promoting nature and ecology.

The material and the means undertaken to mine bitcoin and other crypto represent an energy risk. The operation by proof of stake, or staking, of Cardano is faster and less greedy because it does without mining. We receive rewards and the network is secured by accumulating large amounts of tokens.

And that’s no wonder for such a complete ecosystem. Gaming, NFT with cNFT.io, art patronage, decentralized finance, loans, sports betting, online identity certification protocols, community tools, payments, launchpad, digital wallets, exchangers, liquidity providers, health… ADA does all that and more.

  • Record of almost $ 19 billion traded on November 15.
  • 700,000 Twitter subscribers
  • La maj Hydra: a bridge with ETH’s ERC20 tokens.
  • Cardano excels in proof of stake protocols, the future of ETH 2.0.

Among the projects that are currently developing on the Cardano ecosystem, there are a few that deserve special attention. Because it is not the classic blockchain, on which we find exclusively Finance, production, and industry. Cardano is home to some disruptive ideas in a good way, which want to make the world a better place with the help of blockchain.

Defund The Police DTPT

Prison is today a punitive means which only rarely leads to a new state of understanding. DTPT wants to be a game-changer by coming up with better-designed laws, with the help of smart contracts. It is important to limit over-incarceration, while protecting citizens.

dHealth (DHP)

dHealth was created with the aim of boosting the transfer of medical skills. A field in constant evolution due to scientific research. Also, offer a patient / carer module, which gives the patient the possibility of selling or not their medical data. Some use cases of the application: the register of patients with rare diseases, the collection of data on public health, the monitoring of treatments… To set this up, a native NEM blockchain will be connected to Cardano.


We are currently witnessing, dear investors, a new way of managing data on the internet. The adage: “If it’s free, you are the product” has never been more verifiable than in the era of Big Data.

New economic models are emerging, in which data is stored on the blockchain and it is the user, of social media for example, who will decide whether or not to sell his data, and which ones.

The ADA Blockchain carries innovative and ethical projects. The latter are carriers of social issues and convey deeply humanist ideas. Sounds almost too good doesn’t it?

The Cardano tour in Africa

Recently, the visit to Africa of ADA developers, especially Zanzibar, hit the headlines. It aimed to assist southern countries in the eco-technical transition taking place around the blockchain. With an emphasis on developer training and education. As for example in Ethiopia, where a contract was signed between Cardano and the government to give digital identifiers to students to follow their progress, register them on the blockchain and thus be able to modify educational needs in real time.

Cardano is therefore involved in order to ensure its leadership position. And it’s good to see such motivation, a human, optimistic project, which will offer its tools in a traditionally forgotten African continent. With the power of services we chain of Cardano, innovative minds will be able to make the most of the blockchain to offer it to their community.

From reserve of value to transition engine over powered, blockchain technology has evolved. The code is mostly open source. This is the case with ADA, a tool for emancipation, culture, openness and education.

Cardano is therefore reorienting its strategy on social issues. Having benefited greatly from the cryptocurrency hype in recent months, it’s reassuring to see that its founder Charles Hoskinson has ambitions other than money. These accumulated funds will soon be used to develop concrete projects. An example that others may soon follow.


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