13 altcoins investors are betting on

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New research reveals the top 13 altcoins most popular among crypto traders, including Polkadot, Solana, and Polygon.

Participants are offered 30 tokens and asked to choose whether they want to overweight or underweight each one as part of the Real Vision Exchange Crypto Survey.

Quick fact: Altcoins are crypto assets other than bitcoin. Ethereum is the most popular altcoin.

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Raoul Pal, a macro expert, was the mastermind behind the survey, conducted by Real Vision Bot, which was created by two independent developers.

In the voting results from this week’s first two days, traders indicated that they preferred an overweight portfolio of the smart contract platforms, Polkadot and Solana, as well as Polygon for scaling Ethereum.

Among the top five are Cosmos, a scalable, interoperable ecosystem, and Terra and Cardano smart contract platforms.

Overweight allocations are also shown for decentralized oracle network, Chainlink, Ethereum competitor, Avalanche and Ethereum-based token, Enjin Coin.

The six, seven, and eight places went to UniSwap.

On the ninth spot, Stellar and XRP along with a decentralized storage network also took part.

It serves to clarify that Real Vision Bot does not necessarily hold the crypto assets that the participants voted for.

“Of course, they can vote based on their own opinions, but they can also rely on their sentiments or outlook for the future.

“The list does not include Bitcoin. The reason for this is attributed to the community. “Our allocation is not made by us – it’s made by the community, and specifically by you,” Pal said.


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