People good with communication to help with communicating with teams better than I would 🙂
Initial thoughts on what and who we need to kick it off if people want it:
Haskell coders better than me to more efficiently review code
Mission: To come together as a community in auditing dApp and SmartContract launches wherein we include all the elements of a project launch (not only technical/code) and analyze them holistically, transparently, and in a decentralized manner, producing/publishing reports and any suggestions openly and providing a platform for open discorse through the entire process.
other ideas to come which as a community we can decide in discord or here. JavaScript coders to review webapps and downloadables

  • My suggestions for a slogan and initial mission statement (and a discord link) are as follows:
  • In light of the muesliswap (very brief/lite) audit I did and in response to many people asking for other audits, etc, I’m starting/proposing CPR as an open forum style, community driven dapp and smartcontract project auditing foundation where anyone can join and participate, building a strong consensus driven process to help in the auditing of new/existing project dapps, smartcontracts, webapps…and rewarding participants for their time and effort.
  • People with strong tech/writing skills to help create reports
  • Join here:
  • on Twitter suggested we apply for catalyst? I have no idea how that works, so maybe someone with interest could contribute in that way
  • Slogan: We rain on your parade today, so we can all enjoy clear skies tomorrow (cheesy I know! but i still like it)

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