Project Catalyst Voting Overview / Voting support – let’s make voting better

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Feels great to be part of such a great community and to see how something completely new emerges, because now the possibilities exist.
In the course of working on this I made an voting overview of all Catalyst funding rounds – number of unique wallets, votes cast, … – interesting to see that the average wallet voted did only cast 5-15 votes. While the total number of votes is impressive, I think Cardano Governance can do better than that.

r/cardano - Project Catalyst Voting Overview / Voting support - let's make voting better

Building on that, it would be possible to use algorithms to find interest groups, eventually enabling users to delegate their voting power to algorithms (basically representative democracy without politicians)
Add a number of “tags” to each proposal that can then be used to set up something similar to a Voting Advice Application, that allows voters to quickly build a voting list by answering a couple of questions about their voting preferences

  • I won a small initiation funding in Fund 6 to find a team for a full-fledged proposal to make voting easier.
  • Why am I posting this? First of all in the hope that the voting overview is informative; to assure you, that your vote does matter and to point out that it is great to see how governance on Cardano emerges – something that is new in the crypto world in this form (as far as I know).

But I’d also like to ask for your help in developing this further. If you have more or better data for example, let me know and I’ll amend the information. If you want to participate in any way and help to develop something, send me a message. You don’t have to be a Plutus developer for that – everyone can help – even if it is just by referring the right people. At the moment I’m a one-man-army trying to get this off the ground. What I’d really like to do is to gather a group of like minded people and make a massive Catalyst proposal to create something completely new, to really use all the possibilities that Cardano offers for a new form of governance: liquid democracy with algorithmic voting, representation without political middle-men, continuous voting, fluid, emerging interest groups and probably much more that I didn’t even think of yet.
I hope my little project idea can help with that – the two main ideas are to
Project Catalyst – average votes per unique wallet

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