How about CH AMA in his home office and a minute after his standard intro the wall behind him falls down accidentally, obviously cardboard fake and behind it is a matrix-style human battery depot meant to show the entire blockchain runs on imprisoned infants. A small humanoid in a cloak approaches him from behind to explain what happened but tentacles sprout from behind CH neck and slice the humanoid into pieces and stretch to put the cardboard wall back up… Then proceed to eat the humanoid slices from some orifice on the back of his neck, all the while he’s talking pleasantly and promisingly as if nothing is happening behind him. Then the tentacle pushes the fake wall aside again, grabs an infant from one of the battery compartments and has a little dessert after the main course. Puts the wall back again, slithers back into CH’s neck and all is returned to normal. CH wraps up at the same time grabbing a kleenex from the desk and wiping some baby juice from his neck orifice eating hole.

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