Staking: Participate in the new MILK pools and earn some milky rewards
Early Access: Get early access to MusliPad (the innovative launchpad from MuesliSwap)
I have successfully placed an order in the first cardano dex and exchanged 1 ada for 1 snow token. I’ve also placed an order of 4 ada for 1 million Cardogeo and I am now a Cardogeo millionaire.
I did this to see if the exchange worked as a proof of concept on cardano, and I can tell you that I have successfully executed two trades in what appears to be the first Cardano Dex. There are improvements to be made but ADA appears to have taken another step forward with the launch of Muesli Swap.
MILK is the token that powers the MuesliSwap ecosystem. The core benefits of MILK are:
The project requires you to use Nami wallet to transact. I created a new wallet in Nami and connected it to the protocol. They have a pre launch where you can buy their utility token, Milk, at a rate of 10 Milk to 1 ADA… I went ahead and tested the feature and Milk did show up in my wallet at the expected ratio. In their own words:
I tried to buy 10 snow tokens for .9 ADA each but the order hasn’t gone through as the lowest sell order is for 1 snow to 1 ADA… Be forewarned, I attempted to cancel my order and I am receiving an error message. The ADA I attempted to make the purchase with is currently locked in a smart contract and I’m not sure how, when, or if I will get it back… I’m ok with this as I’m using a small amount of my ADA in an isolated wallet to experiment with a new protocol.
Not satisfied with the results above, I saw that the lowest ask price for the snow token is 1 snow to 1 ada, so I placed an order and… SUCCESS!
Muesli Swap claims to have just launched the first Dex on Cardano.
This is a beta version of the project so connect at your own risk. I put a little money in to play around and here’s what I’ve found…
More exciting feature will be revelead soon. Get some MILK and be part of the exciting MuesliSwap journey.
Now for the interesting part… Smart contract Dex integration
The project claims it will allow limit orders between the buyers and sellers of tokens.There aren’t a lot of tokens listed, and the ones there appear to be memelike, but I decided to place an order to see if I could make it go through for proof of concept.
Priority trading: access to exclusive exchange features
Governance: Vote on community proposals
I would be careful about connecting a wallet with significant amounts of ADA to this protocol at this time, and the tokens listed may not have sustained value. It’s also important to note that I was unable to cancel an order I placed and I currently have ADA locked in a smart contract which I’m not sure how to retrieve…

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