Cardano Trend Has Dropped By Almost 50% In The Past 30 Days

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Cardano has been among the crypto coins experiencing a price drop in the last two days.

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Cardano price has dipped 28% in the past 30 daysBitgert price is still skyrocketing

Bitgert remains the fastest-growing ecosystem.

The crypto market is crashing after FED announced more monetary control to counter the rising inflation. The impact has spread across the crypto market, with the massive withdrawals crashing the prices. Cardano has been among the crypto coins experiencing a price drop in the last two days.

However, Cardano hype did not start dropping the last two days. The Cardano hype has been plunging, with the recent data showing a 50% drop in the past 30 days. Despite the number of Cardano holders reaching 5.2 million, the hype is still dropping.

That’s how bad Cardano has been doing. There are a number of factors dropping the Cardano hype, but crypto analysts have identified Cardano competitors as one of the major causes. There are new crypto projects that are redefining the cryptocurrency landscape and have taken most of the industry’s attention.

One of the biggest projects that crypto analysts say might be the new market leader in a few months is Bitgert (BRISE). Bitgert is the project that has overtaken Cardano and many other projects’ hypes. In fact, Bitgert is growing exponentially, while Cardano has been crashing.

This is why the price and marketcap of this Bitgert project have been skyrocketing. The major factors driving Bitgert hype over Cardano is the products the team is developing. Though both Cardano and Bitgert are real utility projects, Bitgert has proven superior with its highly disruptive products.

For example, Bitgert has the fastest and the cheapest blockchain in the industry. Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is the first zero gas fee chain in the world, which costs $0.0000000000001 gas fee for every transaction. The speed of the Bitgert chain is 100k TPS, making it thousands of times fast than the Cardano chain.

However, the fast-growing Bitgert ecosystem is the reason why Bitgert is surpassing Cardano hype. The Bitgert team is building its ecosystem fast by delivering its roadmap quickly. There are many products and projects in the Bitgert ecosystem, and the recently launched roadmap V2 is offering more.

The Bitgert Startup Studio is going to add 1000 projects to the Bitgert ecosystem, and over 20 projects have been added. That’s how fast the Bitgert ecosystem is growing compared to Cardano.

In conclusion, the Cardano team has a lot of developments to do to keep up with Bitgert. The Cardano team will need to work on making its mainnet faster and growing the ecosystem faster than Bitgert. That’s when the hype might start growing again.


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