Cardano is Getting Ready for Web and Mobile Integration

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Charles Hoskinson updated the Cardano community on the blockchain’s ambitions to get ready for web and mobile integration.

Plutus Is Ready For Web & Mobile Integration

According to Charles Hoskinson, Cardano will soon be ready for web and mobile integration.

In a video stream on Tuesday, the Cardano founder said that the team has successfully run the Plutus application backend in Javascript, the most widely used programming language on the web.

Cardano’s smart contracts are now interoperable with web browsers on testnet since the application backend is now executing in JavaScript. Hoskinson described the news as a significant development, saying:

“The purpose of the browser application backend is to allow Plutus apps in the browser. It was a huge accomplishment to watch that team succeed.”

The Plutus Application Backend Was Run In Javascript By The Team

Hoskinson said in the same video that more testing and optimization would be done to improve the web compatibility of Plutus smart contracts.

As part of the Alonzo hard fork, Cardano intends to provide smart contracts in a series of upgrades.

On July 14, the Cardano team forked its test network to the new Alonzo White node, allowing developers and validators to test smart contracts.

Through application backend development, the team is currently connecting the improved test network with Plutus, Cardano’s smart contract platform.

Aside from browser integration, another major goal for the team is Mithril—a protocol that will be crucial in protecting the Cardano lightweight client. Mithril, once completed, will aid in the safe activation of Plutus smart contracts on mobile devices.

According to Hoskinson, the protocol would ensure that light clients have enough data locally on a device to validate transactions without downloading the full blockchain.

Smart Contracts Will Be Available On The Mainnet

Despite recent criticism for sluggish development, Cardano has been steadily progressing toward the introduction of smart contracts on the mainnet.

Hoskinson said on the Tuesday Livestream that Cardano was “going ahead at a very consistent rate.”

For the time being, smart contracts are being actively tested on the Alonzo testnet, as demonstrated by the current Github repositories of IOHK, the main technical team.

Plutus Pioneers is being managed by the team, with a few thousand developers developing smart contracts on the test network.

The company has also gained support from over a hundred integration partners to ensure that its blockchain infrastructure, such as the wallet backend and application backend, remains in sync with the scheduled Alonzo updates.

Meanwhile, despite the recent May drop, the price of Cardano’s ADA coin has been pretty steady recently. It is now trading at $1.17, giving Cardano a market capitalization of $37.4 billion.

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