I envisioned a swap smart contract that accepted buy- and sell-order transactions, matched them up, and did the swap and settlement all autonomously. Users could submit these transactions using their wallet or the Cardano CLI. After the smart contract was published, the team that developed it could dissolve and the smart contract would remain and run indefinitely.
Is the current centralization and dependency on a 3rd party team like SundaeSwap Labs just temporary while we wait for Hydra or other technologies on the Cardano network to be developed, or am I expecting too much?
I’ve never used a Dex and am relatively new to Defi, but as I lean more about how these Dexs work they don’t seem to be decentralized at all. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems you need to use a centralized Web interface, controlled entirely by the team that produced it. They do the swaps off-chain (e.g. using a “scooper” on SundaeSwap), and then the final transactions are batched and recorded on the blockchain. So, it seems Cardano is only involved in the settlement process, not in the swap process.

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